Twitter Wants to Insert Ads in Our Conversations

Global testing already has begun on iOS and Android

Twitter has begun a global test on iOS and Android to include ads in conversations.

Bruce Falck, the company's revenue product lead, on Wednesday announced the beginning of the test, which will place ads in Twitter conversations after the first, third, or eighth reply. He said that many of the details (placement, frequency, permanence, etc.) are subject to change, depending on the data.

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According to Falck, "We see a big opportunity to build an ad offering that creates value and aligns incentives for creators and advertisers." He goes on to say, "We're excited about trying this out for our advertisers, and we're eager to explore how it could open the door for additional opportunities to reward Tweet authors and creators."

When asked, Falck also claimed that it's "likely" that the new ad format will be something creators can opt-in to for a revenue share. Meaning that there's a chance (though this hasn't been confirmed) that ads in conversations will not be something all Twitter users will encounter.

It's unclear if this is intended as an alternative to Twitter's current approach to ads and promoted tweets or an addition. Some users, like @MarketingAtom, see this new proposed format as an improvement, since it stands out better as an ad rather than looking like a regular tweet. However, other users, like @shaunfidler, point out that placing ads in conversations could be disruptive.

The advertising test already has begun globally for iOS and Android users. If you've been included in the test, you should start seeing miscellaneous ads in tweet conversations.

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