How to Unblock Someone on Twitter

If you are willing to take them back, it is easy to do

What to Know

  • More > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Mute and block > Blocked accounts > Blocked.
  • Alternatively, go to the profile of the account you wish to unblock > select Blocked > Unblock.

This article explains how to unblock someone you've blocked on Twitter. You can do this in a web browser or on the Twitter app, either from your list of blocked accounts or the user's profile page.

How to Unblock an Account on Twitter from the Blocked Accounts List

The Blocked Accounts list displays all the Twitter users you blocked. This method is especially useful if you want to unblock multiple accounts.

A side effect of blocking an account is they are no longer one of your followers, even after you unblock them. They need to follow you again to read your tweets.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.

  2. Choose More in the left pane in a web browser or swipe right on the Twitter app to access the menu.

    More on Twitter online
  3. Select Settings and privacy.

    Settings and Privacy in Twitter menu
  4. Under Settings, choose Privacy and safety.

    Privacy and Safety in Settings menu
  5. Choose Mute and block and then select Blocked accounts. On the app, select Blocked accounts.

    Mute and Block in Privacy and Safety menu
  6. Select Blocked on any account you have currently blocked to unblock them.

    Blocked accounts on Twitter

How to Unblock an Account on Twitter from the User's Profile Page

Alternatively, you can unblock a Twitter account from the user's profile page.

  1. Log in to Twitter and go to the profile of the account you want to unblock.

  2. Select Blocked.

    Blocked button on Twitter profile
  3. On the confirmation window that appears, select Unblock.

    Unblock confirmation on Twitter

As an alternative to blocking an account, the Twitter mute feature removes an account's tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking them. You also won't receive notifications from the user, but they can send direct messages.

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