How to Use Twitter Saved Searches

Save your Twitter searches to always keep up with your favorite topics

What to Know

  • Log into Twitter on desktop > enter query term in search bar > select three dots > Save search.
  • To run a saved search, click in the search bar > scroll down to Saved searches > choose saved search.

This article explains how to save and run a search on Twitter so you can re-run a search without typing the words into the search bar again. You can save up to 25 searches per Twitter account.

How to Save a Search on Twitter

The saved search feature is not available on the mobile app. You must log into go to to save a search.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click inside the Twitter search bar.

    Twitter search bar
  2. Type your search query in the search bar and press enter on your keyboard.

    Twitter - entering content in search bar
  3. Select the three dots next to the search bar.

    Twitter - three dots next to search bar
  4. In the drop-down menu, select Save search.

    Twitter - save search

How to Run a Twitter Saved Search

To run a saved search, click in the search bar, then scroll down to Saved searches and select the saved search term.

Twitter - run saved search

Removing a Twitter Saved Search

When you no longer want a particular query to appear in your drop-down list, click inside the search bar, and select the trash can icon next to the name of the search you want to delete.

If you only want to change the phrasing of a Twitter saved search, you have to delete the saved query and create a new one.

A Tip on Crafting a Twitter Saved Search

It's important to keep in mind that keywords, hashtags, and trending topics are fast-moving targets on Twitter. Think of the tweet stream as a rushing river or cacophonous conversation.

What that means for Twitter searching is that you may have to change the exact phrasing of any query to effectively track a particular topic on Twitter. So from time to time, try different versions and phrasing of your saved Twitter search to see different wording yields better results. A variety of third-party Twitter search tools can help.

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