How to Use Twitter @Replies and Direct Messages

@ symbol

John Lund / Getty Images

The term "@replies" referred to a way that people reply to each other on Twitter. Instead of hitting a typical "Reply" button to reply to someone you can type an @reply at the beginning of your text.

What Are @Replies?

An @reply is always directed to a specific person in reply to something they've posted. When someone replies to one of your posts using an @reply, the tweet will show up on your profile page under "Tweets and replies. When you use an @reply it is always public, so don't use the @reply if you don't want your message to be public. If you do want to send a private message, use a DM (Direct Message).

A typical @reply would look like this: @username message

For example, if you are trying to send a message to @linroeder, your @reply would look like this: @linroeder How are you? 

What's a Direct Message?

Direct messages are private messages that can only be read by the person you're sending the message to. To access Direct Messages tap the envelope icon, and then tap the new Message icon. In the address box, enter the name or username of the person you are trying to contact, then enter your message and hit send. This message will be received privately.

It helps to use your friend's username, not their real name when sending them an @reply or direct message.