Twitter Pauses Verifications to 'Improve the Process'

This is the second time it's been paused since coming back in May

After bringing it back less than four months ago, Twitter once again is putting its verification process on pause, citing a desire to improve the overall process.

The process of getting verified on Twitter has become something of a rollercoaster since the platform tried accepting public submissions a few years ago. Eventually Twitter stopped accepting applications entirely back in 2017, not bringing verification back again until May 2021. Now it's once again stopped accepting verifications, with the official @verified account stating the company wants to "make improvements to the application and review process."

Twitter verification in-app


What Twitter means by "improvements" hasn't been specified, though NewsBytes attributes the decision to the platform recently verifying several fake accounts. It's likely that Twitter is trying to find a way to keep the verification process open while also filtering out fake or spam accounts.

This has many users frustrated, as the process only recently started up again and a whole lot of people are still waiting to hear back about their applications. The Twitter Verified account has responded to many of these concerns directly, saying that it's still reviewing applications that were sent in before the pause. It hasn't given an estimate on how long that will take, but has said that it's trying to review all the applications as quickly as it can.

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