Twitter Now Lets You Log In With Google and Apple IDs

You can also sign up for a Twitter account with them

Twitter is now allowing users to log in to the app using their Google or Apple ID. 

Twitter Support announced the new login abilities through a tweet on Monday. Right now, you can use your Google account to log in to both the Twitter app and website. Unfortunately, you can only use your Apple ID to log in to the app for now, but Twitter said you’ll soon be able to use your Apple ID on the web, as well. 

Twitter login options


Twitter Support noted that if you’re logging back into an already existing account, you can use these new login options so long as your account has the same email address as your Google ID or Apple ID. 

Both login features also apply to those looking to create new Twitter accounts. This means you won’t have to remember an entirely different username and password for Twitter, but can simply use your Google or Apple ID to log in. 

Twitter isn’t the first third-party app or service to offer these alternative login options to users, but both Google and Apple ID logins are becoming more popular ways to get to your favorite websites. Apple initially introduced Sign in with Apple at the 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference, and said the feature prevents tracking and offers more privacy controls. 

However, Google ID and Apple ID sign-ins are not the same across the board. While you can use your Google ID to sign in on an Android device, an iOS device, and on the web, you can only use an Apple ID login on an actual Apple device. 

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