Twitter Now Allows You to Limit Replies After Sending a Tweet

You: 1; Reply guys: 0

Sick of tweeting out your meaningful perspectives and hot takes, only to check back an hour later and find a trove of bots and reply guys dominating your thread? Twitter’s got your back.

Twitter Safety has announced in a tweet that users can now limit who can reply directly to their tweets even after they’ve already been sent. Previously, users could only adjust their reply settings prior to sending a tweet.

Twitter now allows you to limit replies after you tweet

Getty Images / zakokor

According to a photo depicting the new feature, the new reply option will appear in the individual tweet’s pop-up menu alongside the usual options to pin a tweet, mute the conversation, add/remove from lists, and delete the tweet. 

The move follows the social media platform’s decision last August to allow users to limit replies to tweets prior to sending them. That decision, according to a post on the company’s blog, was intended to "lead to more meaningful conversations on Twitter" while still exposing users to varying points of view.

Twitter’s blog post last August announcing the original reply limitation function stated, "Twitter serves the public conversation, so it’s important for people to be able to see different perspectives."

The post noted that more changes would be coming in the months that followed, which appear to include the new option for post-tweet reply limits.

Under those guidelines, just like before, users who are unable to reply to tweets will see a greyed out reply option but will still be able to view the tweet, retweet or retweet with comment, and "like" the tweet.

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