Twitter Makes Spaces Available on Desktop and Mobile Browsers

You can now listen in more ways

Twitter’s Spaces is now accessible on browsers, making the relatively new audio-only feature even more widely available. 

The social network announced on Wednesday that users can access Spaces from their desktop or mobile web browsers. Before, you could only use the feature on the Twitter iOS or Android app. 

Man listening to phone


Twitter’s official Spaces account tweeted that the desktop feature can adapt to your screen size, set reminders for scheduled Spaces, and has accessibility and transcription capabilities. 

However, The Verge notes that while you can join a Space on your desktop, you can’t host a Space yourself that way quite yet. 

Twitter officially announced in December that it was testing the new audio feature to allow Twitter users to talk to each other with their actual voices instead of through 280 characters or less.

While not the first audio feature Twitter has announced—the platform introduced 140-second audio tweets last year—Spaces promises to engage multiple people in conversations with each other.

Spaces can have a maximum of 10 participants, but there’s currently no limit to the number of listeners. The host of a Space has control over who can speak, and also can remove, report, and block others. Twitter originally described the feature as a virtual "dinner party.”

Many have compared Twitter’s Spaces to the popular Clubhouse app, with some saying that Spaces is a little more authentic and accessible than Clubhouse. Either way, it looks like social media is moving into an era of audio

Experts have previously said that audio is becoming more and more popular since you can consume it passively while doing other tasks. Audio can be a more intimate way to engage with your followers rather than reading each other's words on a screen. 

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