Twitter Lets You See Which Spaces Friends Are Attending

Discover Spaces you normally wouldn't have

Twitter is adding even more updates to its Spaces audio feature, including the ability to see which Spaces the people you follow are attending. 

According to a tweet from the Spaces Twitter account on Tuesday, you'll be able to see which Spaces people you follow currently are listening to at the top of your Timeline, where Spaces lives. Previously, you only could see Spaces that people you follow were actually hosting, but Twitter said this new update will allow users to discover more Spaces they might not have otherwise known about. 

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Twitter notes that if you’re tuning into a Space, you’ll be able to control who can see your listening activity in your settings, so you can pick and choose which followers can see what you’re into. 

The new update also only applies to the iOS and Android apps, but not to Twitter in desktop browsers. It’s unclear if Twitter will add the ability to see the Spaces others are attending, but since the platform recently added desktop compatibility for Spaces, it could follow suit soon. 

Twitter really has ramped up Spaces since it first announced it was testing the feature last December.

Most recently, Twitter expanded Spaces to allow up to two co-hosts and more participants, for a total of 13 participants. With this new update, co-hosts have most of the same privileges as the primary host, including speaking, inviting members to talk, pinning tweets, and removing people from a Space. 

In May, Spaces also became available on desktop and mobile browsers to make the feature more widely available. The desktop feature can adapt to your screen size, set reminders for scheduled Spaces, and includes accessibility and transcription capabilities. 

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