Twitter Is Sliding Some New Features Into Your DMs

Still no edit button, though

Twitter has announced a plan to update its direct messages with new features, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

In a recent Twitter thread, Twitter Support revealed the social media company's upcoming changes for DMs. The stated intention is to improve navigation for conversations and make tweet sharing within messages easier, among other adjustments. Unfortunately none of these involves the (very) often-requested Edit button.

Twitter "What's Happening"


First on the list is the option to share a single tweet through up to 20 separate DM conversations. The hope is that this will lessen the chances of someone accidentally creating group chats when trying to send a tweet to multiple people. Twitter says this has already begun to roll out on iOS and web browsers, with an Android update planned "soon."

Next up is a quick-scroll button that jumps directly to the most recent message, so you won't have to scroll back down when searching through the chat. According to Twitter, this one is in the process of rolling out on both Android and iOS now.

Send message separately


Message reactions also are getting an update, with a long-press function being added in addition to the double-tap. By using the long press, you'll be able to pull up the reaction picker in order to choose from a list of different reactions. This function is currently only rolling out on iOS, with no mention of Android or web browsers.

Finally, messages will be grouped by date to reduce timestamp clutter and make it easier to skim through conversations. Again, this feature only seems to be coming to iOS and not Android or web browsers—at least for the time being.

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