Twitter Reportedly Is Working on an 'Unmention' Feature

For when you don't want attention

Twitter reportedly is working on giving users the ability to prevent others from mentioning them in Tweets. 

According to a Monday tweet from Twitter product designer Dominic Camozzi, the possible feature is in its early stages and would be meant to help "control unwanted attention." Camozzi said the feature would allow you to untag yourself from a Tweet or conversation you don’t want to be involved in, as well as turn off your mentions for a specific period, such as one day or one week.

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"Just pick 'Unmention yourself from this conversation' from the more info menu and the link to your profile will be removed," he wrote. 

He added that if someone you don’t follow mentions you with the @ symbol, you’ll receive a notification and can unmention yourself if you so choose, and that user will not be able to mention you again. 

While average Twitter users with less than 1,000 followers might not find this feature super useful, high-profile accounts or—as one Twitter user pointed out—those with more common user names might benefit from this unmention feature. 

Others also pointed out the feature could curb harassment on the platform by not allowing users to gang up on an individual through tweeting in a thread. 

Camozzi didn’t mention when the feature would be available, but said that Twitter is looking for feedback on the concept. 

An unmention feature potentially could become one of the exclusive features on Twitter’s new subscription service that debuted earlier this month, known as Twitter Blue.  While the service is currently only available in Australia and Canada, subscribers get access to new features like the ability to undo a Tweet, a Reader Mode to make reading long threads easier, and Bookmark Folders. 

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