How to Find Twitter Hashtags to Amplify Your Tweets

Websites to help you find the right Twitter hashtags for your blog

What to Know

  • Visit, Twubs, or Trendsmap to search for relevant Twitter hashtags and see which are trending.
  • On Twitter, select Explore (or the magnifying icon) > Trending to see hashtags trending in your area.

This article includes websites where you can discover the right Twitter hashtags to include in your tweets. This way, more people will see your tweets, share them, and follow the links in them.

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Two women looking at screen is one of the most popular sites to find Twitter hashtags. Enter a keyword (or keyword phrase without spaces between words) into the search box on the home page, press Enter, and you'll see information related to that tweet.

For example, the 24-hour Trend Graph shows the popularity of your selected hashtag by day of the week and time of day, as well as a list of the most recent tweets that used the hashtag. You can also see a list of related hashtags, as well as a list of prolific users of your chosen hashtag.

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Twubs website on MacBook

Twubs is a community of Twitter users who are in groups that pertain to specific Twitter hashtags. For example, if your blog is about fishing, you can search for fishing hashtags and join the fishing Twubs groups. Group members actually interact through Twitter.

On the Twubs website, enter a keyword into the search box to see a continuously updated stream of tweets using that hashtag—as well as a snapshot of the Twubs group members connected to that hashtag. If a group has not been formed around a hashtag that you enter, you can join Twubs and register the hashtag to start a group. A hashtag directory is also offered where you can search for hashtags alphabetically.

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Trendsmap home screen on iPhone

Trendsmap tracks trending Twitter hashtags and presents the results in a visual map. If you want to promote your blog posts through your tweets and want to target an audience based on a specific geographic location, visit Trendsmap and take a look at which hashtags are currently trending in that area.

If there is a popular hashtag related to your blog topic that is currently trending in the area, be sure to include the hashtag in your tweet! You can also see trending hashtags by country, or enter a hashtag in the search bar to find out where that hashtag is popular in the world at any given moment.

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Twitter - Trending

One of the best websites to find trending Twitter hashtags is Twitter itself. Select Explore (or the magnifying icon) on Twitter > Trending to see the hashtags that are trending in your area.

To change the settings to another region, select the settings gear next to the Twitter search bar, and select Explore locations. From there, you can select any region, world-wide, to view its trending hashtags.

You can increase traffic to your blog with Twitter in a variety of ways, but if you're not including the right Twitter hashtags in your tweets, you're missing a huge opportunity to increase the number of people who see and share your tweets.

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