How to Get Verified on Twitter With a Hack

Having a verified Twitter account can be very valuable for businesses that want to appear to be legitimate to the outside world. Sometimes individuals who are musicians, artists, actresses, authors, journalists, and other major personas also want to have a verified Twitter account. Basically, a verified Twitter account assures the public that you are who you say you are, and the account contains a small blue checkmark to show this verification to the world.

The Process of Verification

Twitter with verified check
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To become verified on Twitter, one does not need to make a specific request. Twitter employees regularly browse through Twitter accounts to find those that may be at risk for identity theft or impersonation. Then Twitter makes a private determination as to whether to provide a verified blue checkmark to those accounts. As stated by the Twitter Help Center, Twitter will typically only verify the accounts of high-level individuals in the worlds of business, politics, fashion, art, music, government, acting, advertising, and other areas. Twitter has expressly stated that it does not accept requests from the general public for verification.

Other Ways to Get Verified

Because the verification process from Twitter seems to be rather mysterious and almost a bit snobby for its focus on elite individuals in society, many hack websites have developed as a result. These hack websites still give individuals who may have legitimate concerns about impersonation the opportunity to place a checkmark on an account to make it appear as though they have been verified.

Get Verified on Twitter: The Hack

Getting verified on Twitter by hacking it is easy. All one needs to do is copy and paste an image of the blue checkmark onto his or her profile page background. Numerous online videos are also available that show how to get verified on Twitter. Websites provide free blue checkmark images that mirror the ones that are used by the actual Twitter employees. All you need to do is cut and paste one of these images and place it on the profile background for your Twitter page. You should make sure that the blue checkmark is placed right next to your name because this will make your profile appear legitimate to the public.

Cautions in Hacking Your Account

If you do decide to hack your account and use a blue checkmark, you should be aware of some possibly serious consequences. You should be aware that Twitter may decide to ultimately suspend your account and ban you from the service. The improper use of photos to make it appear as though one is affiliated with Twitter is one specific way in which people can be banned.

Individuals can also be banned when they decide to misuse the badges that Twitter awards, which includes the famous verification badge. You should be ready to handle these consequences if you decide to hack your own account for verification purposes.

Other Cautions

Business owners or other individuals may also want to be careful about hacking their own accounts because there are ways for followers to tell whether an account with a blue checkmark is legitimately verified. If your account turns out not to be legitimately verified, then you may lose the trust of your customers or your fans. Some people are just annoyed by artists or other individuals purporting to be celebrities who go ahead and use the blue checkmark for verification.

While you may want to be famous for a day or two, it is important to assess the risks of using a blue checkmark for verification on an account. Your account could be suspended, and is it really worth it for a little blue checkmark?