The Twitter Glossary

Twitter Terms Defined and Explained

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Has someone expressed their twitterphoria at you following them? Have you been accused of sending a dweet or told to follow a hashtag? Are you suffering from Twitter confusion and at a loss to understand some of these Twitter terms being tweeted at you?

Twitter has really taken off in the past year with celebrities and the mainstream media adopting it as an alternative way to connect and communicate with the world. And as a social network, it is inherently viral, so once a few friends in your circle begin to Twitter, it is likely to spread through the entire circle.

For those new to Twitter, it can sometimes be confusing to understand some of the Twitter terms. This short glossary should help you understand a few of the common and uncommon terms being tossed around in different tweets.

Twitter Glossary - Common Terms

These are terms that come up often when tweeting or when reading a blog post or article about Twitter. They are part of the everyday jargon used on Twitter.

De-Friend. This is a common social networking term referring to the act of taking someone off of your friends list. De-Follow is a Twitter-specific version.

Dweet. A tweet sent while drunk.

Hashtag. The community-driven practice of tagging an individual tweet by using a hash in front of the tag. Example: Putting #dallascowboys in a tweet about the Dallas Cowboys. Hashtags allow the community to easily stream a particular subject.

Microblog. Twitter is often referred to as a microblog because it allows people to update their status using only 280 characters.

Mistweet. Accidentally sending a tweet to the wrong person or wishing you didn't send a particular tweet. Dweets can often become Mistweets.

Nudge. An action reminding a user to update their status. You can only do this to someone who follows you and who has a device registered with Twitter.

Retweet (RT). A Retweet is a repeated tweet. It is sometimes used in a reply to allow everyone to see the original tweet. It is also used to forward a message onto one's own followers.

Twaffic. The traffic on Twitter.

Tweeple. Twitter users.

Tweeps. Twitter followers who are your friends on multiple social networks. They are your social network peeps or posse.

Tweet. A message sent via Twitter.

Tweet Back. Bringing an older tweet back into the conversation

Tweeter. A person who tweets.

Twitosphere. Twitter users or the community of tweeters.

Twitpocalypse. The moment when the identification number of individual tweets surpassed the capacity of the most common data type. The Twitpocalypse crashed a number of Twitter clients.

Twitter Glossary - Uncommon Terms

In addition to the common terms in the Twitter glossary, it is also relatively common to throw a "Tw" in front of just about anything when it has something to do with Twitter. If you are tweeting while walking, you are "twalking." And if you have a sweetheart on Twitter they are your "tweetheart."

Twapplications. Twitter applications and Twitter mashups.

Twaiting. To tweet while waiting in line or waiting for something to happen.

Twalking. To tweet while walking.

Twead. Reading Twitter.

Twebay. Putting something up for sale on Twitter.

Tweetheart. A Twitter sweetheart.

Twerminology. Twitter terminology.

Twis. Disrespecting a Twitter user.

Twittectomy. To de-friend or de-follow a person on Twitter.

Twittastic. The Twitter version of fantastic.

Twittercal mass. A critical mass of twitter users for a specific topic or community.

Twitterfly. A social butterfly on Twitter.

Twitterish. Erratic behavior prone to outbursts.

Twitterject. To interject your thoughts into a stream of conversation.

Twitterloop. To be brought back into the loop of conversation by being caught up on the tweets.

Twitterphobe. Someone who is fearful or reluctant to join Twitter.

Twitterphoria. Elation felt when someone you follow decides to follow you back.

Twitterstream. The Twitter timeline. This can be applied to the public timeline, your friends' timeline or the timeline on a specific topic.

Twittertude. A bad attitude on Twitter.

Twitticisms. Witty or funny tweets.

In addition to these Twitter terms, it is very common to see instant messaging abbreviations used to help fit a tweet into the 280 character max. If you need to brush up on your IM lingo, check out this helpful guide to IM acronyms.