What Are Twitter Favorites?

They're Similar to Facebook's "Like" Button

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Twitter Favorites were first used solely to bookmark tweets you wanted to read later. If you saw a tweet you liked, maybe it was a quote, or an article, or a testimonial from a customer, or even a fun tweet from a friend, you'd save it as a Favorite. Your Favorites are public, so it was kind of like an open index of your favorite tweets, sortable via hashtag feed. However, Favorites are now used similarly to the "like" button on Facebook.

Why "Favorite" Your Tweets?

People Favorite tweets for many reasons. When you Favorite a tweet, you add a star to the tweet and, depending on that user's notification set-up, sends a note to let them know that you absolutely love them, and, according to some researchers, stimulate a little bit of happy dopamine to release into their bloodstream.

We now star/Favorite tweets to express, "hey, I like what you're saying here", or to answer a yes/no question in the affirmative. Sometimes after a lengthy @ reply chain, i.e. two or more back-and-forths, users will Favorite the final tweet to acknowledge receipt and put an end to the prattle.

Seeing Your Favorites — and Who Has Favorited You

If you want to see your Favorites, they're available on your profile, on the left-hand side. It's on the tab named Favorites believe it or not (gotta love consistent taxonomy!). Conversely, if you want to see who has favorited your tweets, you can see them under the Connect Tab.

If you want to see what other people Favorite, you can see it via their profile page. It can get a little bit awkward seeing what people "like", but keep in mind that this section used to be reserved for bookmarks.

So in their most basic form, Favorites on Twitter are used as a way to save a tweet. Although people use them to pay homage to tweets, their basic functionality is still to save and store tweets that you like.