Twitter Blue Subscription Spotted On the App Store for $2.99

One step closer to a Twitter subscription option

A subscription-based Twitter model is getting even more real after an in-app purchase for "Twitter Blue" was spotted in Apple’s App Store on Thursday. 

Established app researcher Jane Manchun Wong initially found the updated App Store listing and published it to her Twitter. Her tweeted screenshot shows that Twitter Blue's option appears on the Twitter App page for $2.99 a month. 

Twitter logo

DeFodi Images / Contributor

Wong tweeted that it looks like exclusive features on Twitter Blue include the ability to undo tweets, a collections tab where you can save and organize your favorite Tweets into one place, and color themes, as well as a custom app icon. 

There's no official announcement on Twitter's side about Twitter Blue and its availability, but it's safe to say that it's probably coming reasonably soon since the feature is visible in the App Store. 

Although Twitter has been talking about adding some type of a subscription option for years, the company has been getting more and more serious about it since 2017. During an earnings call in February, the social network revealed that it is seriously looking into a subscription option for its 353 million monthly active users. 

Last summer, Twitter asked users in a platform-wide survey what features they would consider paying for, including custom colors, fewer or no ads, more advanced analytics, insights into other accounts, and more. Some subscribers believe a paid version will have valuable benefits.

Despite all the news and hype surrounding a subscription-based Twitter, the company still hasn’t mentioned anything about adding the ability to edit tweets, which is something users have been requesting since the beginning of the platform, itself. 

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