What Does the Bio Mean on Twitter?

Give visitors to your Twitter profile a peek into your personality

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A Twitter bio is one component of your Twitter profile. It appears under your name and Twitter handle on your profile. Use it to give others a short intro about who you are, list your interests, or promote your business.

The bio is coupled with some other optional descriptive items that let people know where you're from, when you started using Twitter, your birthday, and your personal or business website address. All of this information is separate from the tweets on your Home screen. It appears only on your profile screen. However, when someone clicks on one of your tweets in their Twitter feed, they are sent to your profile screen and can see your bio there.

Details About a Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is limited to 160 characters including spaces, so it can't serve as a sidebar explaining everything about you.

The bio is what people see when they visit your Twitter page. It rests just below your Twitter handle and just above your website URL and the date you joined.

You can change your Twitter bio whenever you want by editing your profile. You can even optimize it with hashtags and @usernames.

How to Change Your Bio

To change your bio:

  1. Click/tap your photo or image at the top of your Twitter Home screen.

  2. Select Profile from the drop-down menu to open your Profile screen.

  3. Select the Edit Profile button.

  4. In the panel at the left side of the screen, click in the field that contains your current bio.

  5. Type your new bio in the field.

  6. Click the Save changes button.

You can change other parts of your profile on this same screen.

Other Parts of the Twitter Profile

There are some other parts of the profile on Twitter that surround the bio section. They're not considered to be part of the bio, but they are often grouped.

These include the name of the profile owner, the Twitter username, a location, a website link, and a birthday. When you include these other details, they give readers more information about the page, be it a business Twitter page or a personal one.

Other items beneath your bio usually include suggestions for who to follow based on the sites you are currently following, a search field, and a list of trending sites. Twitter generates these automatically. You have no control over them.

Twitter Bio Examples

Your Twitter bio can include any information. It can be short and sweet, goofy, or informative. Here are a few examples:

Software geek. Lives in Colorado. Loves his cat, Marty.
Full-time mom & a part-time maid, chauffeur, chief cook, bottle washer, dog bather, clothes folder, homework helper, & Sunday crossword hope-to-finisher.
I love to dance but don't know how.