Twitter Announces Testing for Paid Ticketed Spaces

Only on iOS for now

Twitter might soon let you make money from Spaces you host in a new test the platform is trying out. 

Twitter’s official Spaces account on Thursday announced the testing of Ticketed Spaces for "some Hosts." The account said it would only experiment with the feature with iOS users for now, but hopes to get it to everyone in the near future. 

Ticketed Spaces


Ticketed Spaces initially was announced in June, and applications have been open for people to test it out. Some applicants now may have the ability to charge users to listen to the Spaces they host, though it’s unclear when Ticketed Spaces would move from a test to a permanent feature. 

In the June announcement, Twitter said prices will range from $1 to $999, with Spaces Hosts able to earn up to 97% of the revenue from Ticketed Spaces after platform fees on in-app purchases. Users also can set the size of their Ticketed Space to have either a more intimate setting or a larger audience.

Twitter really has ramped up Spaces since it first announced it was testing the feature last December. The platform recently introduced an update that allows you to see which Spaces the people you follow are attending. Previously, you only could see Spaces that people you follow were actually hosting, but Twitter said this new update would allow users to discover more Spaces they might not have otherwise known about.

The social network also expanded Spaces in early August to allow up to two co-hosts and more participants, for a total of 13 participants. With this new update, co-hosts have most of the same privileges as the primary host, including speaking, inviting members to talk, pinning tweets, and removing people from a Space.

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