Twitter Adds DM Search Capability to Android

Get to your conversations quicker

Twitter announced on Thursday it’s finally giving Android users the ability to search through their Twitter Direct Messages (DMs). 

The social network originally debuted the feature in 2019 to iOS users, but expanded the DM search bar feature to all Android devices. The feature allows you to type in someone's name or a group's name in the DM search bar to find a recent conversation you had with them. 

Twitter DM search feature on smartphone

Twitter also announced it’s expanding the search feature to older conversations, as well, instead of allowing users to only search their most recent ones.

The feature makes it significantly easier to find a specific conversation with someone, especially for users who use the feature frequently and have hundreds of DMs in their inbox. 

Right now, you only can search a person’s name or a group name to get to the conversation faster, but Twitter said in its announcement that it’s working on adding the ability to search message content by typing a word or topic. The company said it expects to release the feature later this year, but did not give a specific date. 

The new feature follows a slew of new updates Twitter has recently made for its 192 million users users. Last week, it rolled out larger image display sizes in timelines, instead of automatically cropping images. 

Twitter also released a tip jar feature, allowing users to make payments or “tips” to other users. If your tweet goes viral, for example, you don’t have to add your PayPal link in the thread. The feature also is meant to help support creators, journalists, experts, and nonprofits.

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