Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Great Deals

You can save a few bucks just by following these ten Twitter accounts

Woman with shopping bags walking past display on computer monitors
Patrick George/Ikon Images/Getty Images

Remember that glorious moment – oh, eons ago – when man first discovered the glory of emailed coupons and sales? That rush when you no longer had to search through flyers and newspapers for relevant advertisements and then painstakingly clip the coupon you wanted? The sheer joy of being able to carry coupons on your smartphone instead of watching them flutter out of control every time you opened your wallet?

That nostalgic joy pales in comparison to the sleekness and ease of Twitter’s offerings to the world of cyber deals. Forget mass emails and daily deals, you can now get deals on Twitter through super savings that are now simply a @ and # away.

If you’re looking to follow some great deal makers, here are 10 of the best to get you started:

A good, general account or two are always great to have up your sleeve. Shopping Deals offers a slightly more one-stop-shop appeal, Tweeting deals for as well as retweeting deals on anything from stationary to handbags to fun park tickets.

Like Shopping Deals, promises a comprehensive shopping experience. In fact, it boasts “the most comprehensive shopping experience on the Web!” Its Twitter feed is filled with deals, promos and holiday savings.

If that wasn’t enough, also Tweets sweepstakes offers as well as methods for earning cash incentives. With a constant stream of perks, it’s a breeze to find the savings you need.

For an electronics retailer already known for its savings, Best Buy’s Twitter feed goes above and beyond in alerting customers to all possible savings. Between #WeeklyAd and #DailyDeal, they make it easy for customers to tune into the most up-to-date savings.

What makes @BestBuy_Deals particularly easy to grasp and navigate are the product-specific deals. A product photo catches consumers’ eyes and the 280 character deal synopsis is quick and to the point.

4. @Target

Target’s Twitter account is an excellent continuation of this smart, savvy, high-savings brand. Those looking for deals will appreciate the Tweeted sales and specials, not to mention the prizes and giveaways.

Just be careful not to get lost down this vibrant rabbit hole. In addition to savings, Target is constantly highlighting merchandise and posting pictures of innovative uses for its products. It’s far too easy to come for a quick deal and stay, well, forever.

For the poor harassed parent looking for a deal on the latest “it” item, the Toys R' Us feed has you covered. The company Tweets deals, discounts and prize-awarding activities like store scavenger hunts.

If that weren’t enough, ToysRUs also Tweets well wishes, prank ideas and charitable opportunities. So you can score savings and feel great while doing so.

Get in the zone, the savings zone. Autozone Tweets coupons, click-to-reveal-deals, gift card trivia contests and so much more. In need of a little auto info? Get tips and seasonally pertinent information alongside discounts and deals.

7. @Arbys

Arby’s is committed to Tweeting the tough questions: “If you woke up and your hair was curly fries, how long before you’d be bald?” Hilarious one-liners are not all Arby’s feed has up its sleeve. The fast food chain is committed to keeping customers up-to-date on its latest menu specials as well as supplying coupons for its tasty treats.

Everyone knows that diamonds are forever and that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Find the best deals on a sparkly BFF for your special someone by following Liori Diamonds. Its feed will help you make the most of its unique vintage-style offerings with giveaways and prizes.

IKEA’s great prices are no joke, but a Tweet alerting you to its sales will put a smile on your face. If sales and specials weren’t enough, IKEA also Tweets tips and advice, from how to save on a kitchen renovation to links to savvy design bloggers.