12 Best Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow if You Love Cars

Stay on top of breaking news and hot takes

The Twitter-verse is ripe with knowledgeable car enthusiasts who are constantly on top of any breaking news or hot takes regarding the car industry. There are so many possible car personalities to follow, though, that sifting through them all to find the cream of the crop can be daunting.

We did it for you, with the 12 best Twitter accounts you need to follow if you love cars.

These 12 accounts exemplify some of the most interesting and passionate figures in the automobile industry. They frequently provide fresh content and interesting takes on the goings-on in the automobile industry and anything that’s relevant to it.

@Breaking Auto

Since 2009, the Breaking Auto Twitter account has been delivering hilarious satire on the car industry. A gem and good example of its style is this Tweet: “BREAKING: Sinkhole at Corvette Museum collects eight Corvettes, damage is minimal as impact was absorbed by advanced leaf spring suspension.”


If you’re a fan of Formula One racing, you’ll really enjoy digging into BadF1Stats’ Twitter feed, which features a wide assortment of obscure and fun F1 facts, from fun off-the-track bits like "Gianmaria Bruni is Carla Bruni's son" to in-depth stats like "Caterham and Marussia have scored exactly the same number of points in every race since Bahrain 2010."


This account satiates the visual need for speed and machines that car buffs often feel by providing a variety of pictures and videos that focus on obscure racing photos, both old and new. Their Tumblr is equally engaging.


John Voelcker is the editor of Green Car Reports, a blog that zeroes in on the green car industry with engaging news and editorials on hybrid and electric cars of the present and future. His Twitter is updated very frequently, with everything from takes on new car releases to dazzling photos of vehicles in exotic locales. He’s a fun follow, for sure.


As Director of Communications for Hyundai, Chris Hosford is considered a must-follow for good reason. He’s a constant source of great car resources. Hosford is often on top of timely articles that pertain to the car industry in any way. If you’re ever looking for quality original articles on the car industry, check out the plethora of links on Hosford’s Twitter feed.


A very passionate car enthusiast known for his opinions and tendency to engage with many followers, Gray focuses on every facet of the car industry imaginable in his Twitter feed, from the behavior of car manufacturers on social media to video peek-ins of new car model interiors. His knowledge and passion for cars are impressive in their own rights, as is his ability to scour the web for the best of the best in terms of automobile articles.


Whether it’s in regard to oil prices or safety regulations, Shepardson has legal-relevant car news covered. The Reuters reporter offers his opinions on most legal-related auto stories, while also re-tweeting pertinent Reuters content.


Oldham is the editor-in-chief of Edmunds.com, one of the most popular car-purchase accommodation sites. His Twitter feed is filled with everything from interesting bits about popular culture and sports to, of course, interesting car pictures and news regarding new releases; it’s easy to recognize his genuine passion for the automobile industry.


The former Secretary of Transportation has embraced the Twitter age, frequently dishing out his takes on new transportation-related policies and legal news while also zeroing in on the state of U.S. infrastructure. LaHood is a frequent contributor to media outlets like CSPAN, where he also provides his vast knowledge regarding automobiles, transportation, and infrastructure.


Driehorst handles PR and social media marketing for Fiat Chrysler Automobile. In addition to frequently providing productivity-boosting tips, Driehorst is extremely active in responding to followers, who often tweet him links to automobile-related content and engage him in discussion regarding it. He's a friendly and knowledgeable automobile figure to follow, especially if you're interested in working in the automobile industry one day in a PR or marketing capacity.


As one of the top Mustang parts and accessories dealers in the world, CJ Pony Parts is a great Twitter feed to follow for anyone interested in Mustang or its respective parts. In addition to website updates, the Twitter feed also provides contest opportunities for followers, with prizes that would make any automobile fan happy.


Stoy is the digital editor of Autoweek. He has a dry wit and expresses his love for automobiles via interesting retweets and photos that show both nostalgic cars of the past and sleek cars of the present and future. For a fun visual-heavy take on the automobile industry, give Stoy a follow.

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