Twitter Tips & Strategies

Twitter has become so popular that it's built into operating systems and has even created a new verb. Twitter is microblogging at its best.
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Twitter logo
How to Hide Replies on Twitter
Twitter on a computer screen
All You Need to Know About TweetDeck
Cartoon birds with speech bubbles on wire
Surprising Things You're Forbidden From Doing to the Twitter Logo
Twitter's "Something is technically wrong" graphic.
Is Twitter Down, Or Is It Just You?
A stock photo of a woman standing next to a bookshelf holding and staring at a smartphone in her hand.
Bored of your Twitter handle? Here's how to change your username
Illustration of the Vine app logo on a computer screen
The Story Behind the “My name is Jeff” Meme
Twitter on a phone
How to Delete a Twitter Account Permanently
Blue Twitter bird holding red message bubble
What Is a Twitter Direct Message and How Do I Send One?
Twitter - signing up
How to Set up a Twitter Account
Twitter's blue verification checkmark icon
What You Need to Know About Getting Your Twitter Account Verified
Blue Twitter bird holding red message bubble
If You Love Twitter, You'll Want to Know About These Apps
Graphic of the Vine app logo on a computer screen
The 6 Best Vine Viewers to Watch Vine Videos Online
Blue bird, representing Twitter, with a wry look
What Is a Subtweet on Twitter? Decoding Twitter Lingo
Illustration of a Twitter page with information about the service in the feed
What Is Twitter & How Does It Work?
Hands using Twitter on phone with orange likes and follower bubbles above the phone.
Boost Your Number of Twitter Follows With This Simple Guide
Twitter : Illustration
The Size and Dimensions of a Twitter Profile Picture
Person panicking over a misspelled Tweet they just posted
Can You Edit a Tweet After It's Published?
Illustration of someone downloading video of wrestling cats from Twitter
Save Twitter Videos to Your iPhone, Android Device, or Computer
Twitter Wallpaper - Vector Redo of the Twitter T
The History of Twitter You Didn't Know
An image of the Vine app on a mobile device screen.
25 of the Biggest Stars from Vine
Twitter hashtag icon
Do You Know What a Hashtag Really Is on Twitter?
A Tweet key on a keyboard
What Exactly Is a Retweet on Twitter?
Social Media Icons
Streamline Your News Reading With Twitter Lists
Person logging in to Twitter on a phone
How to Use Add a GIF to a Tweet on Twitter
Bitly link-shortening service on a laptop on a desk in front of a plant
Long Web Links Are Ugly, So Use One of These URL Shortening Tools
The Vine app on a smartphone.
10 of the Funniest Vine Memes to Go Viral
A hand holding an iPhone showing the Twitter Get Started screen, all up against a bright blue background.
Here's How to Quote a Tweet on Twitter
TweetDeck Dashboard screenshot
Every Twitter User Needs One of These
Noah Glass
Why the Guy Who Named Twitter Was Ousted Long Ago
Twitter feed
Want to Learn About Twitter Timelines? Find Out More Here
An image of the Twitter app loading on a smartphone.
Need to Do an Image Search on Twitter? Here's How
Twitter Bird
31 Brilliant Quotes about Twitter in 140 Characters or Less
Facebook & Twitter buttons on keyboard
Can You Link Twitter to Facebook for Automatic Posts?
Book titled "My life story"
Learn More About the Twitter Bio
Illustration of two cartoon hands holding mobile phones with locked and unlocked symbols.
How to Unlock Your Twitter Account Quickly
Twitter icons
Why Join Follow Friday #FF on Twitter
Social media influencer looking at phone
Mute Those Twitter Trolls and Enjoy Tweeting Once Again
Woman in a blue dress muting users in the iPhone Twitter app.
Your Beginner's Guide To Live Streaming On Twitter
Twitter icon reflected in the eye of a person
Need More Privacy on Twitter? Here's How to Make Your Tweets Private
A person wearing blue clothing running in an open field with no one following.
How to Remove Followers on Twitter
Tweet a Lot? Here's How to Search Through Your Own Tweets
Illustration of Twitter terms Blocking, Twitterati, Verified Account
Learn Tweeting Slang: A Twitter Dictionary
Twitter running on a smartphone
Is There Really a Best Time of Day to Tweet on Twitter?
The Twitter app loading on a smartphone.
How to Create a Twitter Widget for Your Website or Blog
A mobile phone displaying the Twitter logo.
How to Post a Video on Twitter
Graphic of search bar with URL partially entered
Here's the Best URL Shortener for Twitter
Image of a cell phone showing a hashtag symbol.
4 Twitter Chat Tools for Following Hashtags
A man composing a Twitter thread on the Twitter app on his smartphone.
Understanding Twitter Threads and How to Use Them Properly
Twitter URL Shortener No Options for Users Now
How Shortens URLs Posted to Twitter
To Tweetstorm or Not to Tweetstorm: Is That Even a Question?
A smartphone screen showing the Twitter app icon.
10 Quick Twitter Tips for Beginners
Composing a Twitter thread on a smartphone
Here's How to Create an RSS Feed from Twitter
A turned on iPhone with the Twitter app loading on screen.
Here's How to Find Someone on Twitter
Hand holding note saying Password with keyboard on the background
Change Your Twitter Password and Keep Your Account Secure
If You Block Someone on Twitter, Do They Know?
A smart phone with the login screen for the social networking app Twitter
How to Upload a Twitter Profile Picture
Someone looking at a laptop with the Twitter logo displayed on the screen.
Learn How to Use Twitter in 15 Minutes or Less
Illustration of person using twitter on a tablet
How and When to Unfollow Twitter Users
Twitter feed
The Difference Between 'Retweet' and 'Re-Tweet'