Twitch Streaming Comes to Mac

Mac users can finally join the Twitch fun the easy way!

An increase in streaming during the lockdown may have made us non-Windows users interested in trying Twitch out. Now Mac fans can.

Mac beta of Twitch Studio


Following the beta launch for Twitch Studio on Windows PCs in November 2019, the software that allows users to stream their own gameplay to the popular video platform is now available for Mac. For those of us gamers who eschew the call of the PC gaming siren, this is a big step forward. Sure, there are plenty of third-party alternatives like OBS, but natural Twitch streaming is easier to set up and use.

Not just games: Sure, Twitch is huge for gamers, but you can stream all types of content, including music, art, and cooking videos. The new beta promises easy setup with guided onboarding and automatic hardware detection—it will even recommend the best settings for your individual Mac. You’ll also be able to customize the way your stream looks and sounds, and even connect your iPhone or iPad to stream via your Mac. The Twitch Studio Mac beta is integrated with the service, so you can chat and receive notifications in the same app you stream from.

Getting started: All you need to do to begin is download the Twitch Studio beta to your Mac and follow the setup prompts after you launch it. Twitch promises more features to come and has a Discord server for anyone with questions.

Bottom line: We’re all spending a lot of time at home lately. If you’ve been itching to get into streaming music, games, or other videos to Twitch but you own a Mac, you can easily do so now with a natural Twitch Studio beta. Give it a shot today and start building your audience.

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