Twitch Says No Indication That Login Data Was Taken in Hack

It also says it doesn’t store full credit card numbers on-site

Following a massive leak, Twitch has updated its official response with more details.

Twitch officially responded to the leak Wednesday, citing a server configuration change as the reason the hackers were able to access the site’s information and steal its source code. Twitch also says the investigation is ongoing, and at this moment there is no indication that login credentials were taken in the breach.

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Additionally, Twitch says full credit card numbers are not stored by the site, so users shouldn’t worry about their full card numbers being exposed by the hackers responsible for the leak. As a precaution, Twitch also has reset every user’s stream key to avoid any possible channel hijacking.

The original leak included Twitch’s source code, as well as information about the payouts creators have received since 2019. It's believed to be the first part of multiple leaks, and no one is sure just how much data was accessed at this point.

Despite assurances that no login credentials were taken, many have recommended that users reset their passwords and set up two-factor authentication.

For now, all we can do is wait to see what Twitch’s investigation uncovers and whether or not the hackers leak any additional information in the coming days.

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