Twitch Plans to Make Original Reality Shows: Report

It might create game shows and dating shows, for starters

If you're a gamer (or a fan of reality-style programming), Twitch may soon have some content for you to watch while you stay at home during the pandemic.

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According to Bloomberg, an internal document at Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch shows the company developing new, unscripted reality show-style television content to stream alongside its gaming videos.

Pandemic: Twitch allows for a game streamer to film themselves from home playing video games. The service is incredibly popular, and some streamers make a living from doing so. This kind of entertainment is relatively inexpensive to produce, and any reality-style shows could take advantage of the at-home process. It's also something that can be created right now, while some more traditional, studio-based content cannot be.

Plans: Bloomberg says that Twitch plans to spend between $50,000 to $250,000 per week on unscripted series, which could include four to ten hours of content. That's a relatively inexpensive investment for Twitch, making the plan easy to scrap if unsuccessful. For comparison, HBO spent between $8 to $10 million per episode in the first season of its scripted hit show, Westworld.

Big picture: Twitch needs to find new ways to differentiate itself from more recent competition, like Microsoft's Mixer and YouTube Gaming. A new stream of compelling content that appeals to Twitch's core gamer demographic could only help.

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