Twitch Live Streaming Is Back on the Xbox

And it's 'easier than ever' according to Microsoft

Live streaming via Twitch has returned to the XboxOne and Series X/S, giving players an easier way to share their gameplay directly from the Xbox guide.

While you used to be able to stream your XboxOne and Xbox Series X/S games to Twitch via a special app installed on the console, now Microsoft is making things a bit simpler. The feature, according to Microsoft, has been re-engineered with no need for an extra app—it's all handled directly through the console's interface.

Streaming from the Xbox


Some initial setup is required. You'll have to link your Twitch account to your Xbox first via a QR code or by visiting the provided URL. Once everything is connected, select 'Go live now' to immediately start streaming gameplay from your console. If you want to do more than share gameplay footage, though, you'll also need to set up a headset and webcam.

Along with the simpler Twitch functionality comes improved stream control from the console itself. Now you can manage audio levels (for both the game and your microphone) from the in-game options panel. You'll also be able to manually adjust your stream's resolution and bitrate, as well as manage party chat. And if you want to switch games mid-stream, the Xbox will pause your video until the new game begins, then automatically update the game information for your viewers.

Twitch streaming is available for XboxOne and Series X/S users now. Xbox streams will be viewable by anyone with a device that can view Twitch streams, and other Xbox console users will be able to enable notifications for when you go live.

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