Twitch Is Making It Easier to Promote, Control, and Monetize Your Streams

With dozens of features expected to roll out over the course of the year

A large number of tools and features for monetization and streaming are headed to Twitch later this year.

In an open letter to the community, Twitch Chief Product Officer, Tom Verrilli, and Chief Monetization Officer, Mike Minton, broke down the streaming service's plans for 2023. These plans include a whole bunch of tools to control, enhance, and promote live streams, along with a few new options for earning revenue.

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Editing and promoting VOD clips will supposedly be made faster and easier, and channels will receive other promotional tools like manually pinning up to 20 clips, using emotes in stream titles, and more. Support for Edge, Firefox, and Safari is also being added to Guest Star, viewer milestones will start appearing on streams, and Twitch's Creator Home will be available to all Partners and Affiliates. And if you want to do more with your audience, tools for sending messages while offline and running a Q&A are also currently in the works.

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Plans for new revenue options include more direct interactions, like an update that will make Cheers a little more personal (though Twitch didn't provide any details as to how), and new sound alerts. Local streamer support initiatives are also being looked at, along with "personalized discounts" tailored to individual viewers' activities. Sponsorship deals will be getting a few upgrades, too, with branded skins and other page graphics for partnered channels, and more (unspecified) support tools for viewers will make their way to mobile.

All of these new advertising and stream control features are expected to roll out throughout the first half of 2023, with no specific dates given for the time being. Some elements are in testing (or will be entering testing) phases, while others will be offered to select streamers to help Twitch figure out what works and what needs balancing.

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