5 Great Chatbots to Take Your Twitch Stream to the Next Level

Chatbots can be a great way to enhance your video game streaming on Twitch

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Chatbots are special programs hosted by a third-party that can moderate a Twitch channel's chatroom, greet new viewers, post scheduled messages, and add extra functionality to a livestream. Adding a chatbot to a channel can be a simple and effective way for streamers to engage more with their audience and optimize their brand.

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Setting up a chatbot is relatively straightforward and requires the linking of a Twitch account to the chatbot service via a prominent purple Connect to Twitch button on the chatbot's official website.

There are a variety of free and paid chatbots that are used by Twitch streamers, many of which can also work with broadcasts on other services such as YouTube and Mixer. Here are the five best chatbots worth checking out.


Nightbot is the most popular chatbot amongst Twitch streamers due to its many features and streamlined user dashboard. It's a great chatbot for beginners. Nightbot is completely free and can be used to moderate chat posts, filter spam, schedule messages, run competitions, and perform a countdown to an event.

What Sets Nightbot Apart: Nightbot is often used for its Song Request feature which lets viewers request songs hosted on YouTube (by selecting a video) and SoundCloud to be played in the background during a live Twitch stream.


StreamElements is usually a streamer's second choice when it comes to implementing a chatbot into a Twitch broadcast. StreamElements' chatbot isn't as easy to use or as feature-rich as the one from Nightbot, however, it does provide support for a variety of chat-based games that can be played by viewers such as roulette, raffle, and bingo and also allows for tweets from select Twitter accounts to be sent directly to the chat.

What Sets StreamElements Apart: Their chatbot may be pretty basic but its StreamElements' loyalty system that keeps streamers coming back. Simply by connecting your Twitch account to StreamElements, the service automatically creates a leaderboard which your viewers can compete to rank the highest on. Viewers can earn points by watching, following, or hosting and it creates an extra level of interactivity and community around a channel.


Moobot is a chatbot that has really simplified the setup process for streamers unfamiliar with programming or jargon. The Moobot dashboard boasts a clean user interface and makes it very easy to find specific settings for different features.

In addition to spam filters and chat moderation, Moobot also supports song requests, competitions, notifications, and custom messages.

What Sets Moobot Apart: Something that makes Moobot stand apart from the many other Twitch chatbots is its poll functionality. This feature allows streamers to create polls for viewers to vote in but also displays the results in an easy-to-understand pie chart that can be shared.


Deepbot supports scheduled messages, chat games, polls, and YouTube music requests in addition to notifications. Basic features do require an initial one-off payment to be made before they work however and many extras, such as notifications, are only available to those with a monthly Deepbot VIP membership.

What Sets Deepbot Apart: Deepbot is one of the few chatbots that supports integration with Discord, a chat app that's very popular with gamers. So if you're looking for a singular chatbot that can spice up your Twitch chat and Discord chat all from the one location, Deepbot could be for you. Note that the Discord integration does require a recurring monthly payment of $5 for it to work but this payment will also unlock a host of other Deepbot VIP features as well such as notifications.


Wizebot is a lesser-known Twitch chatbot that also supports a range of additional services such as custom overlays, subscriber and follower analytics, Twitch donations, and song requests. Its chatbot features include word censorship, spam protection, custom options for channel subscribers, and an AI that can interact with chat users and keep them engaged.

Wizebot is free to use however those wishing to access upcoming features that are in preview are required to pay for a Premium subscription. Note that the Wizebot documentation is rather advanced and may be intimidating for those new to Twitch stream customization.

What Sets Wizebot Apart: The Wizebot chatbot supports advanced integration with 7 Days To Die, a popular survival horror video game that's available to play on Linux, Windows, and Mac computers in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Once set up, this integration can trigger special events within the game depending on the real-time activity during a live stream. For example, every time a new viewer subscribes to the channel, an item airdrop could activate within the game or a zombie hoard could appear. This can make the viewing experience much more interactive for both the streamer and their audience.

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