"Twisted Metal" Cheats for PlayStation 1

Cheats and Passwords, Plus Translations of Vanity Plates

Throw more insanity into the classic PS1 game "Twisted Metal" with the cheat codes below. You'll also find level passwords, other codes and even opponent vanity plate translations.


  • Increase machine gun damage - press and hold R2 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
  • Get Invincibility - As a level password, enter Square, Triangle, X, Space, O
  • Get unlimited ammunition - As a level password, enter Triangle, Space, Square, O, O
  • Get unlimited turbo - As a level password, enter Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, O

Level Passwords

  • Cyburbia - X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
  • Freeway - X, Square, Square, O, Triangle
  • River Park - X, Triangle, Square, O, Square
  • Rooftop - Square, Triangle, X, O, X
  • Warehouse District - O, Triangle, Square, O, O
  • Final battle - Triangle, X, O, Square, Triangle
  • Secret Level - Square, Triangle, O, Square, Square (see how to locate secret level below)
  • Locate secret level - Destroy the glass pyramid in the Rooftop stage. Drop down through the hole and into a hotel with many rooms and areas.
  • Arena 2 fight for your life - Square, Triangle, O, Square, Square

Other Codes

  • Enable helicopter view - As a level password in the Arena, Rooftop or Arena 2 stages, enter O, O, Triangle, X, Space
  • List remaining opponents - Hold X and press Start during a single player game
  • Enable rear view mirror - Hold Right and press Start during a single player game

License Plate Translations

Opponent vehicles have custom vanity license plates with clever meanings. Here they are translated, in case any have you stumped!

  • ISKREEM (Sweet Tooth): "Ice cream"
  • UESUVA (Warthog): "U. S. of A."
  • DOWNTS (Outlaw): "Donuts"
  • STNSPWN (Darkside): "Satan's spawn"
  • KILRGRN (Hammerhead): "Killer green"
  • DRTOLMN (Yellow Jacket): "Dirty Old Man"
  • TYMTRPR (Road Kill): "Time trooper"
  • DHEDGIE (Specter): "Dead guy"
  • SOLTAKR (Mr Grimm): "Soul taker"
  • TRSTNOI (Crimson Fury): "Trust no one"
  • GN4HYR (Pit Viper): "Gun for hire"
  • DRYVBY (Thumper): "Drive by"

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