Twisted Metal Cheats for PlayStation 1

Cheat codes, level passwords, and vanity plate translations for PS1

Screen capture of Twisted Metal on PS1


Turn up the insanity with Twisted Metal cheats for PS1. In addition to level passwords, there are secret messages to decipher and cheat codes to unlock infinite ammo, infinite turbo boost, and more vehicle upgrades.

These cheats are for the 1995 game Twisted Metal for the original PlayStation. There are separate cheats for the 2012 remake of Twisted Metal for PS3.

Twisted Metal PS1 Level Passwords

Enter these codes at the password screen to start at the indicated level.

Level Password
Cyburbia X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Freeway X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
River Park X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
Rooftop Square, Triangle, X, Circle, X
Warehouse District Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
Final battle Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Arena 2 Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square
Secret Level Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square

How to Locate the Secret Level

To find the secret level without using a code, destroy the glass pyramid in the Rooftop stage, then drop down through the hole.

More Twisted Metal Cheat Codes for PS1

While playing in a level, enter these codes as passwords to unlock the cheats.

Cheat Code
Get Invincibility Square, Triangle, X, Space, Circle
Get unlimited ammunition Triangle, Space, Square, Circle, Circle
Get unlimited turbo Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
Enable helicopter view (Arena, Rooftop, or Arena 2 stages) Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Space

In-Game Cheats

These cheats can be activated at any time during a single-player game.

Cheat How to Activate
Increase machine gun damage Hold R2 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
Enable rear view mirror Hold Right and press Start
List remaining opponents Hold X and press Start

License Plate Translations

Opponent vehicles have custom vanity license plates with clever meanings.

Character License Plate Meaning
Sweet Tooth ISKREEM Ice cream
Warthog UESUVA U. S. of A.
Outlaw DOWNTS Donuts
Darkside STNSPWN Satan's spawn
Hammerhead KILRGRN Killer green
Yellow Jacket DRTOLMN Dirty old man
Road Kill TYMTRPR Time trooper
Specter DHEDGIE Dead guy
Mr Grimm SOLTAKR Soul taker
Crimson Fury TRSTNOI Trust no one
Pit Viper GN4HYR Gun for hire
Thumper DRYVBY Drive by