TweetDeck IPhone App Review

Editor's Note: Although this app is no longer available in the App Store, versions of TweetDeck for the web and for macOS are still available. Twitter, which owns TweetDeck, removed the app from the App Store in 2013

The Good

  • Clear, easy to use interface
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Automatic link shortening
  • Free

The Bad

  • No in-app reporting features
  • No support for Twitter lists

TweetDeck (Free) is just one of many iPhone apps that help you use Twitter, but it sets itself apart from the competition. Not only is it free, but TweetDeck also has a slick interface that makes it easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts. 

TweetDeck App: A Great Value

There’s a ton of competition in the Twitter app market these days—a search for ‘Twitter’ in the App Store will bring up pages and pages of apps that promise to help you engage with your followers, manage your interactions, and post quick tweets. TweetDeck, however, sets itself apart thanks to its streamlined and simple to use interface, and its thoughtful features.

The app's white text on a black background is easy to read. Even better, your friends list, mentions, and direct messages are all separated into their own columns in the app. This makes it easy to see which is which at a glance, and to swipe back and forth to move between them. 

Besides the strengths of its interface, TweetDeck has a good number of features. You can upload photos using the twitpic or yfrog image hosting services, and links are automatically shortened, which is crucial given Twitter's 280-character limit for all messages. Lots of Twitter apps support link shortening, but often you have to shorten the link yourself, rather than having it done automatically.

Sending a new tweet is easy: just tap on the yellow "Compose" button in the upper-right corner. Interacting with someone else's tweet is almost as easy: tap on the tweet and you can reply, re-tweet, or send a direct message to that user. You can also access any follower’s profile to check out their recent tweets or browse the other Twitter users who they’re following. 

The biggest downside to TweetDeck is its lack of reporting features. Some Twitter apps, like Hootsuite, let you see how many followers are clicking on your links. This is very useful, especially if you use your Twitter account for business (this may be less important to non-business users). To be fair to TweetDeck, you usually have to pay for Twitter apps with these features and TweetDeck is free. 

The only other notable downside to the app is that you can't access your Twitter lists via the TweetDeck app. Twitter lists allow you to group your followers into lists of users related by topic, geography, how you know them, etc., to make following and interacting with them easier to manage. Lists are a relatively new feature, so support for them may still be coming in a future update.

The Bottom Line

I’ve tested at least 10 Twitter apps, but I keep finding myself returning to TweetDeck. Not only is it free, but TweetDeck’s well-thought-out interface makes it a snap to use. While you may miss having access to some of the reporting features available on paid Twitter apps, that doesn’t change the fact that TweetDeck is a very good app and a terrific value. Overall rating: 4 stars out of 5. 

What You’ll Need

TweetDeck is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. You’ll need iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later to use it. A version designed for the larger screen of the iPad is also available. The iPad version is free as well. 

This app is no longer available in the App Store. Twitter, which owns TweetDeck, removed the app in 2013. Versions of TweetDeck for the web and for macOS are still available.