Hungry? Try Using a Twitter Emoji for a Pizza Delivery

Use the pizza Twitter emoji to instantly order a pizza from Domino's

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I grew up watching the Jetsons, so I was sure by this point in my life there would be flying cars, and I'd have a robot as a housekeeper and nanny for my children. While neither of those two things has happened (yet!), there are still many advances to our day to day life that could be taken out of a Jetson's episode.

My newest discovery? You can use a Twitter Emoji to order a pizza delivery from Domino's Pizza.

Seriously! All you need to do is Tweet a pizza emoji to @Dominos with the hashtag #EasyOrder, and you've placed your order! It's that simple. Why this wasn't around during my undergraduate college days, I certainly don't know, but I think I'll just be grateful that it didn't exist then, or my pizza consumption would have been even greater than it was.

Domino's spent the day of the launch Tweeting pizza emojis. In fact, in the span on just one day they sent 63 Tweets full of emojis (not counting the Tweets they sent in reply to other user's Tweets), which gained over ten thousand retweets, with endless more favorites for each Tweet. They capped off the day with a 64th Twitter emoji post sharing a link to the USA Today article that broke the news of their new commerce campaign.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Tweet-to-order service.

Are you wondering why there was a need for a Twitter ordering system? Besides the fact that it makes for an incredible PR campaign – social media has been buzzing with this news all week long - it's the perfect "next step" for digital growth. At this time, 50% of Domino's sales takes place digitally. It should be interesting to see how that number changes when using Twitter emojis for ordering becomes commonplace.

What's Twitter's take on this new ordering system? Just as this new e-commerce method benefits Domino's, it also benefits Twitter. All the publicity this announcement is generating benefits both companies. Twitter has been trying to make itself stand out as an engagement tool for quite some time. It isn't simply a means of communication any longer. Twitter spokesperson Genevieve Wong stated of the news, "Our hope is that advertisers will keep innovating this way."

In the food industry, Domino's will be the first major chain to use Twitter to place and complete an order. One previous chain with a temporary campaign was Starbucks' "Tweet a Coffee to a Friend" campaign. Another major Twitter food and drink e-commerce campaign was when the Miami Dolphins shortly attempted a "Tweet-a-Beer" campaign, allowing fans to order a brew to be delivered from their seats. If I get a vote, I'd like both campaigns to return. I would place the Starbucks' coffee campaign on my baby registry, and in the future order quite a few brews from the stands at Fenway Park. Outside of the food industry, other retailers, such as Old Navy and Amazon have tested campaigns or currently using hashtags to speed along ordering of their products.

Does this mean I'll be able to order delivery from another company soon? There's no word yet on any other companies jumping on the Twitter emoji e-commerce bandwagon, but I'm sure it's coming down the road. Domino's states that this will be a permanent platform, not just a publicity stunt. If that's the case, their competitors will likely get on board or possibly try to beat them to other social networks, such as Facebook or Pinterest. I certainly get quite hungry while browsing on Pinterest!

Enough information, let's get to the bottom line: how can I order a pizza on Twitter? Simple. As mentioned earlier, when you're hankering for a pizza, simply Tweet to @Dominos with a pizza emoji and the hashtag #EasyOrder. Before that will work; however, you'll need to link your Twitter handle to your Domino's account. After May 20, 2015, you'll be able to order a pizza by delivery just with a Twitter emoji.

But wait, what kind of pizza will they send me? This was my big question, and I'm sure it was yours too. If you tend to order "creative" pizzas – one half pepperoni and onions, one half sausage, banana peppers and olives, both sides extra cheese – you might be worried that you're options are slim. I mean, the Twitter pizza emoji is one slice of cheese and pepperoni. Have no fear! Did you know on your Domino's account there's something called a Pizza Profile? This is where you'll set up your easy order. Anytime the emoji or hashtag is sent to Domino's whatever is saved as your easy order will be what is delivered to you. 

How will I know Domino's received my order? After wondering what type of pizza I'd receive from my order, my next question was: "how will I know it worked." Domino's is one step ahead of us. After it receives your Twitter emoji and/or #EasyOrder hashtag, it will confirm the order via a direct message. You'll need to respond to confirm the direct message before the pizza is hand-tossed, cooked, and delivered.