TweakNow SecureDelete v1.0.0

A Full Review of TweakNow SecureDelete, a Free File Shredder Program

TweakNow SecureDelete is a file shredder program that can delete multiple files and folders at once, even files currently in the Recycle Bin. It also has one of the better user interfaces that I've seen among the many file scrubbers I've looked at.

Because TweakNow SecureDelete can also remove all the files from an entire hard drive at once, we've included it in our list of free data destruction programs.

This review is of TweakNow SecureDelete version 1.0.0. Please let us know if there's a newer version we need to review.

More About TweakNow SecureDelete

TweakNow SecureDelete

In addition to files and folders, TweakNow SecureDelete can also permanently erase data from whole hard drives, as well as clear the paging file and empty the Recycle Bin.

The primary hard drive that Windows is installed to can not be removed with this program because TweakNow SecureDelete is unable to lock the volume in order to delete the files. See How to Wipe a Hard Drive for instructions on doing that, which involves using a bootable program like DBAN or CBL Data Shredder.

Three data sanitization methods are supported by TweakNow SecureDelete:

These data wipe methods are configured from the Options menu. While no doubt overkill, you can configure any of these methods to repeat up to 100 times for a more thorough wipe.

While the word secure is part of TweakNow SecureDelete's name, the program does not support the Secure Erase sanitization method.

Permanently deleting data with TweakNow SecureDelete is easiest by just dragging and dropping anything you want to remove right into the empty space of the program. This creates a list of data that you can build up to include several items at once before clicking Delete.

One thing that can be confusing about TweakNow SecureDelete is that there are two buttons with similar names: "Remove" and "Delete." The "Remove" button simply clears the file/folder from the application window without deleting the actual data. The "Delete" button does the actual destruction of the chosen data, and should be clicked when you’re ready to shred the data.

In addition to the above, you can empty the Recycle Bin using any of the data wipe methods. This is done by clicking Recycle Bin from the top menu and then Empty Recycle Bin from the submenu.

TweakNow SecureDelete works in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Pros & Cons

TweakNow SecureDelete as its advantages but a number of drawbacks as well:


  • Easy to use
  • Deletes hard drives, files, and folders
  • Can empty the Recycle Bin
  • Supports drag and drop


  • No confirmation prompt before deleting data
  • Can be confusing as to which button to click to erase data
  • No advanced options

My Thoughts on TweakNow SecureDelete

My initial impression of TweakNow SecureDelete is positive simply because it allows drag and drop, which, in my opinion, is the best way to use a file shredder program. Also, you can not only shred files but entire hard drives at once, which is great when you have a flash drive or secondary hard drive you want to make sure is truly erased.

As I continued to look at TweakNow SecureDelete, I noticed a feature that's lacking that really shouldn't be: a confirmation prompt to ensure that you really want to delete the data. Remember, scrubbing data means that not even a file recovery programs can retrieve them. Because TweakNow SecureDelete doesn't provide this option, it's much easier to accidentally delete files, especially given the fact that the "Remove" and "Delete" buttons can be easily confused.

All that said, I think if you take caution when using TweakNow SecureDelete, it can be a very useful program for truly deleting files, as three common data sanitization methods are supported and you can even erase files you've already sent to the Recycle Bin.