A Look Back on Tvtag: A Social Network for TV Shows

When you could use this social network to keep up with your favorite TV shows

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Tvtag was discontinued and had its site and mobile apps taken offline on January 1st, 2015. The service is no longer available, but we've left the following article for information purposes.

Popular TV shows and social networking are like peanut butter and jelly—they just sort of belong together. But even though people have traditionally turned to Facebook and Twitter to share their thoughts on their favorite shows, there used to be another social network out there for TV fans—called Tvtag.

What Was Tvtag?

Tvtag (formerly GetGlue) was an entertainment-based social network that closely connected you with all your favorite shows, movies, sports events and the rest of the Tvtag community. If you simply weren't getting much interaction from all your live-tweeting or Facebook posting about Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Good Wife or whatever else, then Tvtag served as a more TV-specific social platform to try out.

GetGlue's Transition to Becoming Tvtag

GetGlue was rebranded as tvtag in 2014. With GetGlue, you could still do many of the things you could do when it transitioned to Tvtag, like check in and follow trending TV shows or other users, but as GetGlue it was generally meant to be more of a TV discovery tool rather than the real-time TV update resource and powerful social tool it emphasized as Tvtag.

Tvtagemployed a group curators that tuned in to watch live television from 70 or so networks. They picked out the most important segments of what was worth sharing—like dramatic scenes, sports goals and important quotes—so that they could be featured online. These were called "TV moments" or "taglines," which users could interact with in real-time.

How People Used Tvtag

Tvtag was free to sign up, and just like any other major social network, you could download both the iOS app and Android app for free as well. All you needed was an email address, a username, and a password to get started.

Tvtag functioned a lot like Facebook. You had a news feed to see all the posts from people and networks you were following, you could get notifications when people interacted with you and you could build up your own profile with updates and favorite shows, sports or even movies.

What You Could Do on Tvtag

Check-in: When it was time to watch a show, you could check-in to that show using the app to let everyone know that you tuned in.

Add likes, comments and even smiley faces to posts: If you saw a clip, photo or article from a show you watch, you could interact by liking them, re-sharing them or leaving comments.

Follow other users: Just like other social networking sites, you could find users on Tvtag to see their profiles and follow them so that their posting activity showed up in your home feed.

Follow major television networks: Tvtag also had profile pages for some of the largest and most popular television networks. You could follow them to see their updates in your feed.

Unlock stickers: You could earn digital stickers just for checking in, sharing and joining discussions on Tvtag.

Draw doodles and post memes: To pump up the interaction, Tvtag let you post your own creative doodles and memes—a fun way to encourage your friends to like them and leave comments.

Follow trending search terms: If you ever had a question about a show you were watching, you could use the search bar to find out almost anything about any popular show.

Track sports play: If a sporting event was on, you could use Tvtag to track each move and join the discussion with other fans who were watching.

Browse the TV Guide: Tvtag provided you with your very own TV Guide to see what was on and what was trending. You could also personalize it with your own favorite shows, get recommendations on what to watch, and find out about upcoming premieres or events.