13 TV Apps Your Apple TV Is Going To Love You For

These apps could change the way you watch television

Apple says apps are the future of television, which is why you can run a whole host of them on your Apple TV.

There are apps for all sorts of tasks which we look at elsewhere on this site, but in this report we’re going to tell you about the apps you should install immediately to find out why television will never be the same again (Hint, there’s more to this than the also essential YouTube app).

NB: Prices change across different countries and some of these apps aren’t available everywhere, so please check for price and availability where you are, now read on.

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Netflix is available for your Apple TV.

Netflix has to be the best source of streamed mass-market movies we have, at least until iTunes offers a streaming movie service. For a relatively low monthly fee, Netflix lets you choose from a vast range of film and television series; offering personalized recommendations to help guide you to fresh titles. The great thing about the service is you can access it on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as on your Apple TV. More info.

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HBO Now on Apple TV
From Game of Thrones to Vice, HBO Now is an essential Apple TV app.

Game of Thrones is a big, big deal and HBO’s drama output is much bigger again. This means HBO Now is an essential app. What you get is compelling: as well as George Martin’s continuing saga concerning the Stark family, you also gain access to literally thousands of hours of HBO’s extensive catalog of compelling content, including legendary shows such as the Sopranos. This has to be an essential app for any US Apple TV owner. (cf. also: Starz and Showtime). More info

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Hulu Plus

Hulu on Apple TV
An essential Apple TV companion.

A second essential Apple TV app, at least for US readers, Hulu Plus offers a huge collection of television shows drawn from some of the big US cable networks. You get to see the latest episodes of most of the latest shows for one fixed price, and in combination with one or more of the other apps discussed here, your Apple TV will be your only source of TV entertainment in no time at all. More info.

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BBC iPlayer

iPlayer on Apple TV
BBC, please liberate North America.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the UK you can install and use the brilliant iPlayer app. This gives you a access to a huge quantity of material from across the broadcaster’s world-renowned collection of content, including all the most recent broadcasts across all its channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News and all the rest). There is some speculation the company may try to offer its service into other territories in future, though licensing problems make this a complex task. More info.

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YuppTV on Apple TV
Now you can get Bollywood in the USA.

National content can be incredibly popular outside its borders, and Yupp TV proves the point. The app provides access to a huge range of South Asian content, including thousands of on-demand Bollywood movies and local sports  alongside live and catch-up television broadcasts. Another great example of this is KlowdTV, which offers US-based audiences access to live transmissions from across South America. More info.

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MLB for Apple TV
There are some brilliant apps for sports fans already available on Apple TV.

You don’t need to be a baseball fan, or even a sports fan, to appreciate MLB TV – it’s a great articulation of how every sporting app should be in future. You get in-depth on-screen stats about the games; access to home or away broadcasts, the capacity to digitally record live games so you don’t miss a moment and the capacity to watch multiple games at once. You also get to access the service on multiple formats. (Hockey fans should choose NHL.TV, soccer fanatics may opt for MLS Live – there are many sports apps to pore through and we’ll give you an in-depth briefing on these later). More info.

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Crunchy roll on Apple TV
All the best anime is easily available today.

If you’re a fan of anime or manga animations then you’ll love Crunchyroll, which offers over 25,000 episodes of the most popular Japanese shows, sometimes within just one hour of their being broadcast. There’s a monthly subscription fee to be paid for total access, but you’ll find a useful quantity amount of free content to keep you entertained, and the full service offers you acess to a huge quantity of anime and manga movies. More info.

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Watchup for Apple TV
Is this the future of personalised news?.

News addicts will love Watchup, which offers access to an enormous range of content from national, international and local news providers. Sources include Bloomberg, PBS, CNN, CBS Interactive, Financial Times, Fox News, Fusion, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and many, many more. What makes this app so neat is its ability to help you build personalized news channels which you can even set up to be delivered at scheduled times. More info.

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Reuters on Apple TV
News the way you like it in this ground-breaking app.

Another essential news-related app, Reuters lets you choose to create your own short new broadcasts across different time periods. You get all the credibility of the broadcaster’s content, updated as events unfold and available where you are. More info.

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Hyper on TV
Developers are working pretty hard to reinvent television.

Apple’s ‘Best of 2015’, Hyper is a video magazine for Apple TV. It’s best understood as a curated selection of engaging short videos across a huge range of topics presented in a clear and easy-to-navigate design. Did we see a huge range? It is, it spans everything from short films to extensive documentaries, all designed to help people learn new things. TechCrunch calls it the  “Best of Internet video every day,” we think of it as YouTube with human editors and you’ll think of it as soul food for curious minds. More info.

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TED talks

TEDTalks on Apple TV
Set your brain on fire with TED talks on Apple TV.

You can’t go wrong with TEDtalks. The app provides you with a really cool way to access to the full collection of 1,900+ incredibly educational and inspiring talks through your television set, divided into categories. You can also choose to play your talk immediately or save it until later on. If you save a talk you will later be able to access it on any logged in device. More info.

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Tribeca Shortlist

Tribeca Shortlist on Apple TV
Brilliant movies are a tap and an app away!.

The problem with the scale of available online video content is that while automated systems can figure out general preferences, it takes a human touch to tie viewers up to things they most love. Tribeca Shortlist tries to close this gap by offering a small selection of movies that have been selected by actors, directors and other industry insiders. Most of the films are accompanied by video recommendations in which you find out why the films are worth watching. There’s usually something there, the service changes one-third of its catalog every month. More info.

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Replusion (1965) directed by Roman Polanski
You'll find some of the best movies ever made on MUBI, such as Replusion (1965) directed by Roman Polanski.

Another curated service, MUBI, is a fantastic resource if you want access to the very best films from across the planet (it has been called “Netflix for people who want to stop watching trash.” Films are available for just one month with a new title added daily. What is great about the service is its generous one-month trial offer and the huge range and extent of its hand-selected movie collection. More info.

Tune in, download, zone out

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