Turquoise Color Varieties with Hex and RGB Decimal Codes

Pick the right turquoise color to evoke mood and emotion

Turquoise water in a mountain lake with snow capped mountains in the background.
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Turquoise is a color composed of blue and green. For illustrators and designers, turquoise is used to evoke a subtle variety of emotions and moods, from its lighter shades that inspire a sweet, pleasant feel to the darker shades that drift toward teal and convey a lively sophistication.

Turquoise has connotations of healing and protection, conjuring images of oceans and seas. Its calming properties are why the color turquoise is often used to decorate medical facilities, particularly those that treat patients with mental illnesses.

A Brief History of Turquoise

The name for the color turquoise comes from the gemstone that shares its hue. The word turquoise originates from Turkey, which was the country that first exported the blue-green stone to Europe.

In ancient times, turquoise was a mineral that was highly valued for its remarkable color. The stone has been associated with spiritual and religious beliefs throughout its history. It has been used in the Middle East to decorate domed buildings, such as mosques. Native Americans of the American Southwest mastered the art of jewelry made with turquoise. The stone is often paired with silver for a striking look.

Turquoise Varieties and Color Codes

Here are some of the many shades of turquoise used in design along with their RGB and Hex color codes. 


Turquoise. Turquoise

A blend of blue and green, shades of turquoise have the same calming effects of those colors. Like the mineral itself, turquoise color shades range from almost sky blue to deep greenish blues. The SVG color keyword turquoise produces this color.

  • Hex #40E0D0
  • RGB 64,224,208


Pale Turquoise

Pale Turquoise
Pale Turquoise. Pale Turquoise

Pale turquoise (SVG color keyword paleturquoise) is a watery blue with a soothing tone.

  • Hex #AEEEEE
  • RGB 174,238,238

Medium Turquoise

Medium Turquoise
Medium Turquoise. Medium Turquoise

Medium turquoise (SVG color keyword mediumturquoise) has a bit of an old-fashioned 50s and 60s retro feel.

  • Hex #48D1CC
  • RGB 72,209,204

Dark Turquoise

Dark Turquoise
Dark Turquoise. Dark Turquoise

Dark turquoise is a medium blue-green. Its SVG color keyword is darkturquoise.

  • Hex #00CED1
  • RGB 0,206,209

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Blue
Turquoise Blue. Turquoise Blue

Despite the name, this shade of turquoise sports a bit more bright green than blue.

  • Hex #00C78C
  • RGB 0,199,140

Manganese Blue

Manganese Blue
Manganese Blue. Manganese Blue

A bit bluer than Turquoise Blue, Manganese Blue is between turquoise and teal in tone.

  • Hex #03A89E
  • RGB 3,168,158

Cyan (Aqua)

Cyan (Aqua)
Cyan (Aqua). Cyan (Aqua)

The SVG color keywords aqua and cyan both produce this blue-green color. Cyan is also one of the printing inks in CMYK or 4-color process printing.

  • Hex #00FFFF
  • RGB 0,255,255

Light Cyan

Light Cyan
Light Cyan. Light Cyan

The SVG keyword of lightcyan produces this pale blue-green color.

  • Hex #E0FFFF
  • RGB 224,255,255

Dark Cyan

Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan. Dark Cyan

The SVG color keyword darkcyan is this blue-green color that's close to teal.

  • Hex #008B8B
  • RGB 0,139,139


Aquamarine. Aquamarine

The SVG color keyword aquamarine is this blue-green color that's a little less bright than plain old aqua.

  • Hex #7FFFD4
  • RGB 127,255,212

Medium Aquamarine

Medium Aquamarine
Medium Aquamarine. Medium Aquamarine

The SVG keyword mediumaquamarine gives you this blue-green color that leans to the green side.

  • Hex #66CDAA
  • RGB 102,205,170

Light Sea Green

Light Sea Green
Light Sea Green. Light Sea Green

A bit bluer than other sea green colors, Light Sea Green (SVG color keyword lightseagreen) falls somewhere between Medium Turquoise and Manganese Blue.

  • Hex #20B2AA
  • RGB 32,178,170


Teal. Teal

Teal (SVG color keyword teal) is a darker, somewhat more sophisticated shade of turquoise close to dark cyan.

  • Hex #008080
  • RGB 0,128,128