How to Turn Your iPod touch Into a Phone

How to make free phone calls on your Apple iPod touch

The iPod touch can't connect to a cellular network through a SIM card or otherwise, but it connects to the internet and has audio input and output. As long as you're within range of an internet-connected Wi-Fi network, you can make calls on your iPod to any number at low or no cost using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

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VoIP Smartphone Apps 

A handful of the many online communication apps are compatible with the iPod touch. Here are some to try: 

  • Skype: The oldest of the bunch, it offers free voice calls and instant messaging, along with a long list of features. You can also make international calls at a low cost.
  • Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger offers an iPod touch version that enables calls.
  • Viber: With roughly the same features as WhatsApp, Viber offers paid calls to any number worldwide.

WhatsApp, the enormously popular communication app, does not offer a version for the iPod touch.

Using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) 

SIP is a type of VoIP that's a great way to convert your iPod touch into a phone. Create a free account at one of the many SIP providers, which will also give you a SIP address. This acts like a phone number. Then, download the provider's app and configure it as directed. A few good candidates include Bria, among the best on the market; Zoiper; and MobileVoIP.

Your Audio 

Not all iPod touch devices are compatible with conventional earphones and headphones. You must have the appropriate compatible accessories. You can use the built-in microphone and speakers of the device; add Apple EarPods or similar ear buds or headphones that incorporate a mic for privacy.

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