The 22 Best Chrome Extensions for Chromebooks in 2023

Power up your Chromebook with these awesome Chrome add-ons

You can transform your Chromebook into a virtual powerhouse with the addition of browser extensions, all available free of charge from the Chrome Web Store. We've scoured the internet and found the very best Chrome extensions for your Chromebook.

Some add-ons cannot coexist with each other on the same Chromebook. For example, if you install two extensions that modify the Chrome New Tab page, one will override the other.

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Buffer in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Works with multiple social channels.

  • Analyzes social activity.

  • Provides statistics.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited to three accounts.

  • Cannot manage other peoples' accounts.

  • Must add images manually.

The Buffer Google Chrome extension makes posting to various social media sites a breeze. Use the Chrome extension on any page to instantly blast your feeds with that URL or schedule it to post later.

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See Your Emails: Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail in Chrome web store
What We Like
  • Manage emails without visiting Gmail.

  • Supports a do not disturb mode.

  • Customization options.

What We Don't Like
  • Not included in Chrome.

  • Must allow automatic Google updates.

  • Shortcut keys might not work as expected.

There's a reason why Checker Plus is rated nearly five out of five and has over one million users. It's the perfect Gmail companion for the Chrome browser.

This Chrome extension keeps tabs on your email so that you don't have to. It sits at the top of the browser with an unread count. You can click it to see all your emails without opening the full Gmail web page.

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Control Chrome With Your Mouse: CrxMouse Chrome Gestures

CrxMouse in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Simple web page navigation.

  • Fully customizable gestures.

  • Export configuration information for another browser​.

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report spyware.

  • Sometimes, actions go off before you're done.

  • The learning curve.

Mouse gestures, which are sometimes in subcategories such as rocker and wheel gestures, let you perform virtually any action with the browser with a movement or click of the mouse—or a combination of the two.

Whether it's refreshing the current site, moving to another tab, scrolling to the bottom or top of the page, or other everyday and not-so-common actions, the CrxMouse extension provides the ability to perform these actions with quick and easy gestures.

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Monitor Download Progress: Downloads

Downloads on Chrome store
What We Like
  • Streamlines downloading.

  • Easy shortcuts.

  • User-friendly.

What We Don't Like
  • No customizations.

  • Limited functionality.

  • Can't disable the Chrome download bar.

One of the more straightforward Google Chrome extensions, Downloads is the perfect example of a developer setting out to accomplish a single task and then achieving that goal.

There are no bells and whistles here, only a button added to the Chrome browser that opens a list of your downloaded files in a new tab.

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Best Digital Notebook: Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper on Chrome store
What We Like
  • Clip the whole page or selected text.

  • Image screenshots can be taken in place of clipping the whole page.

  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.

What We Don't Like
  • Occasionally hangs.

  • Saving can be buggy.

  • No option for multiple highlight colors.

The Evernote service lets you maintain a virtual workspace containing notes, lists, photos, articles, and other documents in one centralized location.

The Evernote Web Clipper extension lets you easily clip articles, images, and other web page content from within the Chromebook browser. It saves content to your Evernote workspace or you can share your notes with other users in an instant using the Work Chat feature.

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Capture Screenshots: FireShot

FireShot Chrome Extension
What We Like
  • Capture a complete page or a selected area of a page.

  • Save as PNG, JPG, or PDF.

  • Can email images.

  • The print button makes printing easy.

  • Set up a custom hotkey to run FireShot.

What We Don't Like
  • Only Gmail is supported when emailing the screenshot.

  • Annotation and the option to export to other programs, requires the pro version.

One of the most powerful screenshot tools available for Chromebook users is FireShot. This Google Chrome add-on lets you capture and save full web pages as an image file.

Google recently introduced a new Screen Capture tool available in the Quick Settings menu of Chrome OS. Saved screens and recordings are stored in a new space called Tote. This might make the FireShot extension a bit redundant, unless you like its additional features.

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Appreciate the Arts: Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture Chrome extension
What We Like
  • Shows a different image for every open tab.

  • Change the setting to show the same image all day, then show a new one the next day.

  • A link to more information about the artist displays on the tab.

  • Can enable a button on a new tab page that lists the most visited sites.

What We Don't Like
  • No option to save the images.

If you're a museum buff, Google Arts & Cultural brings collections and exhibits from across the globe to your living room or office. This extension shows a new image from the collections in every tab.

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Pay Attention to Price Drops: Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

Keepa Amazon Price Tracker in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Set prices for alerts.

  • Multiple alerts options.

  • Shows price history.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't track Amazon products from the extension button.

  • Doesn't track the prices of Kindle books.

  • Doesn't include shipping costs.

The Keepa extension continuously monitors the Amazon products you're interested in but are avoiding because the price isn't right. You are notified if and when the price drops.

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Play Videos on Repeat: Looper for YouTube

Looper for YouTube in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Loop videos automatically or manually.

  • Set loop duration.

  • Auto-set the video quality to any resolution.

What We Don't Like
  • Some settings are experimental.

  • Can be buggy.

  • The icon sometimes disappears.

Want to play your favorite song over and over on YouTube? You're not alone, which is why hundreds of thousands of people use the Looper for YouTube add-on to set videos to play again and again without pressing any buttons.

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Customize Your YouTube Interface: Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions for YouTube in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Videos can be set to wide automatically.

  • Control with mouse or touch gestures.

  • Supports video filters.

What We Don't Like
  • Options can be overwhelming.

  • The learning curve.

  • Pop-ups can be annoying.

The Magic Actions extension does a great job of adding all of the functionality that you wish YouTube offered, as well as enhancements to the website's interface that include dozens of attractive themes and different modes for day and night viewing.

Updated frequently and used by millions of Chrome users, Magic Actions for YouTube is a substantial addition to your Chromebook extension library.

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Neat New Tabs: Momentum

Momentum in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Built-in To Do list.

  • Displays motivational quotes.

  • Displays major goal on new tabs.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited options in the free version.

  • Can interfere with bookmarks.

  • Cannot customize quote images.

Momentum is an extension that replaces the Chrome New Tab page with custom content, with an inspirational twist.

Accompanied by sometimes stunning background images and the current time and weather, Momentum incorporates a few other tactics to encourage you throughout the day.

In addition to helping you get organized, this extension can also provide an extra mental boost to get you moving in the right direction.

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Organize Your Chrome Tabs: OneTab

OneTab in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Saves memory in Chrome.

  • Can open when Chrome is launched.

  • Use independently of other Chrome instances.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't back up open tabs.

  • The location on the page is not saved.

  • Limited support.

OneTab is the easiest way to reduce usage in Chrome by gathering all your open tabs into one single tab.

When tabs are consolidated into one area, you can open a tab but the tabs don't take up as much memory as when open in individual tabs because Chrome doesn't identify these consolidated tabs as regular tabs.

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Close All Tabs at Once: Panic Button

Panic Button in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Activated with custom keyboard shortcut.

  • Set custom pages to open.

  • The advanced protection option.

What We Don't Like
  • May remove tabs when hidden tabs come back.

  • The password is visible in the Temp folder.

  • Limited support.

PanicButton is a button that you click when you're in panic mode and need to hide whatever you're doing in Chrome. All open tabs are saved when you click this button and can be retrieved when the coast is clear.

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Magnify With Your Mouse: Hover Zoom+

Hover Zoom+ in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Set the zoom factor.

  • Websites can be safelisted.

  • Several advanced options.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't work with all sites.

  • Some images on supported sites don't enlarge.

  • GIFs can be problematic.

Some images are really small, which is where Hover Zoom+ excels. Install this Chrome extension to instantly see a larger version when you hover the mouse over a picture.

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Share Between Your Phone and Chromebook: Pushbullet

Pushbullet in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Quickly send links and files to a phone.

  • View and reply to text messages from Chromebook.

  • Reply to messages from other apps.

What We Don't Like
  • Only compatible with Android.

  • Sometimes dismisses notifications.

  • Crashes often for some users.

Pushbullet is a must-have extension for Chromebook if you like to share content between your computer and phone. This extension might sit in Chrome but it makes communication between your devices seamless.

Google recently introduced a feature to Chrome OS called Phone Hub, which offers many of the same features as Pushbullet. You can receive and respond to texts on your Chromebook, check your phone's battery life, turn on your phone's mobile hotspot, and more.

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Best RSS Reader: RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Supports filters.

  • Mark articles as read or unread.

  • Works on iOS and Android.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't show thumbnails in the extension pop-out.

  • No sidebar with the latest items.

  • Dark Mode is premium.

If you like to digest as much content as possible, you need an RSS reader like this one. RSS Feed Reader tells you about new feeds from the top of Chrome so that you're always aware of what's happening on your favorite websites.

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Restore Past Browsing Sessions: Session Buddy

Session Buddy in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Save and access unlimited past sessions.

  • Easy to use.

  • Can organize tabs into separate sessions.

What We Don't Like
  • Uses excessive memory.

  • No cloud sync.

  • Occasionally buggy.

Session Buddy is the easiest way to stow away your open tabs to reopen those tabs quickly any time you need. However, unlike other extensions that can also do this, Session Buddy keeps track of your past sessions.

What does this mean? If Chrome crashes, or if your Chromebook shuts off without warning, you can get those open tabs back again.

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Access Google Services: Shortcuts for Google

Shortcuts for Google in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Supports over 500 services.

  • A small memory footprint.

  • Managing services is easy.

What We Don't Like
  • Shortcuts can't be removed from the button.

  • Dragging can be buggy.

  • Update pop-ups can be annoying.

Since you're a Chromebook user, there's an excellent chance that you use several Google services such as Gmail and Google Drive.

This add-on for Chrome can access most Google services, even the lesser-known ones, from a pop-out window accessible on the Chrome browser's main toolbar.

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Customize Your Homepage: Speed Dial

Speed Dial in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Provides visual bookmarks.

  • Recently closed tabs can be shown.

  • Many options to tweak.

What We Don't Like
  • Settings aren't intuitive.

  • Can be buggy.

  • The background isn't customizable.

Fans of the Opera browser might recognize the name of this Chrome extension, whose feature set is similar. Speed Dial lets you customize the browser's New Tab page in several ways.

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Make a To-Do List: Todoist

Todoist in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Create tasks manually.

  • Create tasks from highlighted text.

  • Easy to set reminders.

What We Don't Like
  • It's a mini window for the Todoist app.

  • Sometimes glitchy.

  • Can hang.

Keeping track of everything you need to get done daily can sometimes prove more daunting than the actual tasks. The Todoist extension solves that, organizing a hectic schedule into a neat, easy-to-use HTML5 interface, accessible from the Chrome browser.

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Make Videos Brighter: Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Works on variety of websites.

  • Adjust on a per-site basis.

  • Dim automatically.

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report spam.

  • Not compatible with all video sites.

  • Can't dim the address bar.

This Chromebook extension lets you watch videos in the browser more easily by dimming the outer areas of the page like text and other content so that you can focus on the video. This visual effect can be toggled on and off from the lamp button in the toolbar.

In addition to the main feature, the Chrome extension also provides other customizable options, including atmosphere lighting, eye protection, and flash detection.

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Know Everything: Wikiwand

Wikiwand in Chrome store
What We Like
  • Switch between Rich and Minimal view.

  • Bookmark links or text.

  • Articles can be shared.

What We Don't Like
  • The Definition feature is problematic.

  • "Do not show on websites" is often thrown to a console.

  • Images don't always appear.

Widely publicized and with a solid five-star review, the Wikiwand extension gives Wikipedia a complete makeover. It provides access to the same content but in a neater, more attractive format by directing you to the same article that you wish to view, but on the Wikiwand site.

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