How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

Keep your Facebook account secure with 2FA

What to Know

  • On the Facebook website, select the down arrow > Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  • Choose Security and Login. Next to Use two-factor-authentication, select Edit.
  • Enter your Facebook password to open the Two-Factor Authentication dashboard.

This article explains how to turn two-factor authentication on and off on the Facebook website.

How to Activate Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

Facebook accounts often contain a great deal of personal information and other private data, so it's important to know how to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook. With 2FA enabled, you are asked to validate your identity each time you log in. Validation uses methods that include entering a one-time code sent to your mobile device or approving the authentication attempt on another trusted device.

  1. Go to your Facebook home page and click the down arrow in the upper right corner.

    Facebook opening screen showing arrow at top
  2. Click Settings & Privacy > Settings in the menu.

    The Settings option in the Facebook drop-down menu
  3. Select Security and Login in the left pane.

    Security and Login settings on Facebook
  4. Scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section and select Edit located next to Use two-factor authentication option.

    Two-factor authentication section of Security and Login settings
  5. Enter your Facebook password and click Continue to open the Two-Factor Authentication dashboard for your account.

    Password field to enter two-factor authentication screen
  6. For 2FA, choose between receiving text messages with a code or using a third-party app.

    2FA selection screen in Facebook

    For text messages, you can use a phone number already associated with your Facebook account or choose a new one to receive these texts.

  7. Select an optional backup method. You have the option of using a static recovery code only you know or tapping the security key (such as Touch ID) on a compatible device.

    These backup methods are not mandatory but are recommended in case you cannot access your primary 2FA device or application. To configure either, select Setup next to the Security Key or Recovery Codes option. 

    Backup options for two-factor authentication in Facebook

When 2FA is first enabled, you are asked if you want to save the computer, smartphone, or tablet you're currently logging in from. If you opt to do this, you won't be required to enter a security code every time you access Facebook from the device in question. You shouldn't do this on public computers or other devices used by other people.

How to Turn Off Facebook 2-Step Verification

While this isn't recommended, you can turn off two-factor authentication on your Facebook account by returning to Facebook's Security and Login screen.

  1. Log in to Facebook and select the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. From the menu, choose Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login.

  2. Scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section and select Edit located next to the Use two-factor authentication option.

  3. Enter your Facebook password and select Continue.

  4. At the top of the screen is an indicator noting that two-factor authentication is turned on. Select Turn Off.

    Two-Factor Authentication screen on Facebook
  5. Select Turn Off again in the confirmation dialog to complete the process.

    Confirmation screen for turning off two-factor authenication
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