How to Turn On Meta (Oculus) Quest 2

Press the power button and hold it for about two seconds

What to Know

  • Press the power button for two seconds, then release. 
  • If your Quest doesn’t turn on, connect it to a USB C power source and allow it to charge. 
  • To turn on using the boot screen: Hold the power and volume down buttons, then select boot device.

This article explains how to turn on the Meta Quest 2.

If your Quest 2 won't turn on, or you only see a black screen when you put it on, you may be dealing with the Oculus Quest Black Screen of Death.

How to Turn Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 On

To turn on the Quest 2, you need to push and hold the power button for two seconds, then release it. When you release the button, the LED next to the button will light up, which indicates that the headset is now on. You will also hear a chime, which indicates the headset is booting up.

The power button highlighted on an Oculus Quest 2.

If you’re having trouble finding the power button, start by holding the Quest 2 so you can see the lenses as if you were about to put the headset on. Then rotate it so the lenses are pointing to your left. You will then be looking at the power button, which is a small, lozenge-shaped button located directly under the right strap connector and next to an LED that indicates when the device is turned on.

What to Do if the Quest 2 Won’t Turn On

If your Quest 2 doesn’t turn on when you push the power button, start by trying again. Make sure that you push and hold the button for about two seconds, then release it. The headset won’t turn on immediately with the press of the button, and it won’t turn on while you’re still holding the button.

Once you’ve verified the power button doesn’t work, plug your Quest into a USB-C power source and allow it to charge. It takes about two and a half hours for a Quest 2 to charge. After the headset has had some time to charge, try pushing the power button again.

How to Turn On a Quest 2 Through the Boot Menu

If the power button doesn’t seem to work, and you’re sure the Quest 2 is fully charged, you can attempt to access the boot screen. This screen allows you to boot up the headset as normal, and it’s also where you access the factory reset option.

The power and volume buttons highlighted on an Oculus Quest 2.

To access the Quest 2 boot menu, push and hold the power button and volume down button until the boot screen loads. You can then attempt to turn on your Quest 2 by selecting the boot device option.

Boot device highlighted on the Quest 2 boot menu.

If it still won’t turn on after selecting the boot device option from the boot menu, then you will need to factory reset the Quest 2. This can be accomplished by opening the boot menu and selecting factory reset. Your headset will reset, and you’ll have to set it up again when it’s done.

If that still doesn’t work, or you’re unable to access the boot screen at all, you may have a defective Quest 2, in which case you’ll need to contact Meta for additional assistance.

  • How do I turn on the mic on a Meta/Oculus Quest 2?

    You should first check device settings (Settings > Device) to see if the microphone is turned on. If it is and the mic still isn't working, check the chat settings for the game you're playing.

  • How do I turn off auto-wake on a Meta/Oculus Quest 2?

    To save battery, you might want to stop your VR headset from turning on when it moves. Go to Settings > Device > Power to turn off auto-wake.

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