How to Turn On a Mac Desktop

The power button is usually on the back of the device

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What to Know

  • Press your Mac's power button. It will be located somewhere different depending on the device.
  • For Mac Pro: On the top. Mac minis, iMacs, Mac Studios: On the back.
  • Look for the Power symbol on the button.

This article will walk you through how to turn on your Mac with the power button and what to do if that doesn't work.

How to Turn On a Mac Computer

As long as your Mac is plugged into a power outlet, you should be able to turn it on by simply pressing the power button. That power button will be located somewhere slightly different depending on which Mac you're trying to power on, however.

Mac Studio

To turn on a Mac Studio, press the power button located on the rear left-hand side (from the front), located next to the 3.5mm headphone jack. It's a circular button with a power symbol on it.

The power button highlighted on a Mac Studio.


Mac mini

The power button for the Mac mini is located on the rear right-hand side (from the front) next to the power cord port. It's a color-coded button with a white power symbol on it.

The power button highlighted on a Mac mini.


For a more detailed look at the Mac mini and its power-on functions, check out our guide on how to turn on the Mac mini **(Ed: add link when that article goes live)**.


The latest-generation iMac also has a power button on the rear. It's located on the left-hand side (from the front) and is isolated from the other ports. It will be the same color as the chassis and feature the typical power symbol.

The power button highlighted on an M1 iMac.


Mac Pro

Older Mac Pros feature a power button on the front, but the latest generation Mac Pro has a power button on the top. It's located next to the carry handle and the other I/O ports.

The power button highlighted on a Mac Pro.


What to Do If Your Mac Doesn't Turn On

The power button on your Mac should be all you need to do to turn it on. If it powers up but doesn't turn on as it should, you'll want to look at our Mac start-up troubleshooting article. If it doesn't turn on at all, though, there are some things you can try.

The first step should be to check the power cable is plugged in properly to the Mac and the wall. If in doubt, unplug them and plug them in at both ends to be sure. Also, make sure the wall socket is turned on, if necessary.

If you're using a power strip, try testing it with a device you know works to see if that's the cause of your Mac not turning on. The same goes for any multi-port power adapters or surge protectors you use.

Is your Mac particularly hot? If you're trying to use your Mac in the middle of a heatwave, it might not be turning on to conserve its components' health. That's unlikely, but in extreme conditions may cause a Mac not to power on. If that is the case, wait until it's cooled down and try again.

For more help, check out our article on fixing a Mac that won't turn on.

  • How do I power off a Mac?

    The easiest way to turn off a Mac is through the Apple menu in macOS. Open it and select Shut Down to turn off your computer.

  • How do I turn on a Mac desktop without the power button?

    You have a few options to turn on a Mac without the power button. One popular choice is Wake-on-LAN, which lets you power on your computer over the internet. If your power button is broken, you may need to get it serviced.

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