How to Turn on a Logitech Webcam

Setting up your Logitech webcam for streaming or video chats is easier than ever

What to Know

  • Computers running macOS 10.10 or Windows 8 and later install Logitech webcams automatically when plugged in.
  • To turn on a Logitech webcam, open an app such as Camera or FaceTime that supports webcam functionality.
  • Logitech webcam settings can be changed within whichever camera or broadcast app you’re using.

Logitech's webcams have no dedicated on/off switch. This guide will walk you through the steps for setting up a Logitech webcam to use with a computer. It also covers how to turn a Logitech webcam on to take a photo or video, stream online, or participate in a video group chat.

The instructions on this page apply to PCs running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 and Macs running macOS 10.10 or later. Notes for older operating systems are provided.

How to Set up a Logitech Webcam on Windows and Mac

Here’s what you need to do to set up your Logitech webcam and turn it on.

  1. Place your Logitech webcam in the desired position on your computer, desk, tripod, or stand.

    Microsoft Surface Pro with a Logitech webcam on top of it.

    You can move and adjust your webcam whenever you like so you don’t need to worry about its positioning being perfect right now.

  2. Plug your Logitech webcam into your computer via a USB port.

    A Logitech webcam being plugged into a Microsoft Surface Pro via a USB port.
  3. Your computer should automatically detect the Logitech webcam and install the appropriate device drivers if they’re not already present.

    If your computer is running an operating system older than Windows 8 or macOS 10.10, you will need to manually install the drivers yourself from the Logitech support website.

  4. Open the app or website that you want to use the webcam with. For this example, we’ll use the Windows 10 Camera app, though the steps should be similar for most webcam-enabled programs and services.

  5. You should automatically see a video input from your Logitech webcam within the app after you open it. You don’t need to turn on your webcam.

    If you don’t see an image, or a different webcam is being used, select its name from a menu. The menu should be called something like Camera, Video, Input, or Source. The specific menu name will vary from app to app but the function should be the same.

    Windows 10 Camera app with a Logitech webcam connected.
  6. To use your Logitech webcam’s built-in microphone, open Settings and select System > Sound in Windows, and make sure it's selected in the Input dropdown menu. On Mac, open the Apple menu and click System Preferences > Sound and select your webcam from the list of devices.

    Windows 10 audio input setting with Logitech webcam highlighted.

    While webcam audio is functional, if you’re recording a podcast or audio file for a project, it can be worth investing in a dedicated microphone for a higher-quality experience. If you’re streaming on Twitch, there are several gaming headsets that have built-in microphones.

How Do I Access My Logitech Webcam Settings?

Logitech webcam settings are usually managed within the app that you’re using the camera with. For example, if you’re using OBS Studio to stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming and you want to change how the webcam acts or looks, you’ll need to edit the Source or Scene settings relating to it. In the Windows Camera app, you can change the webcam’s brightness and other similar settings from the left toolbar.

If you can’t find the settings for your Logitech webcam within the app you’re using, it’s likely that the app simply doesn’t support any extra options for how the camera is used. Most Logitech webcams are compatible with pretty much all camera and streaming apps so you should be able to find one with the settings you need.

Why Won’t My Computer Recognize My Logitech Webcam?

Antivirus software, incorrect drivers, and USB hardware issues can often make a Logitech webcam undetectable on your computer. Fortunately, there are a number of quick solutions for how to fix a webcam that doesn’t work properly.

How Do I Check My Logitech Webcam?

If you’ve just purchased a new Logitech webcam and you want to perform a quick check to make sure everything is working OK, the fastest way to do so is to connect it to your computer via the above steps and then open your computer’s default Camera or FaceTime app.

If you’re experiencing a bug or glitch with your webcam, it’s completely fine to test it on another device. Doing so won’t cause any conflicts or issues on your main computer.

Of course, you can test your new Logitech webcam in any app that you want so it’s completely fine to use Skype, Twitch, Telegram, Zoom, or one of the numerous other webcam-enabled apps. There are also a variety of additional webcam checks you may want to make.

  • How do I know what Logitech webcam I have?

    To find out which Logitech webcam you're using, make sure it's connected via USB to your computer, then, on a PC, go to the Start menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager. Go to Imaging Devices and click the plus sign (+), then right-click your webcam and select Properties to view information about your Logitech webcam. On a Mac, select the Apple menu > About This Mac > System Report > Hardware > Camera, and view your webcam info.

  • How do I mute a Logitech webcam?

    To mute yourself using a Logitech webcam, you'll want to disable your computer's microphone. On a Windows PC, right-click the speaker icon and select Recording Devices, then choose your micrphone, select Properties, and, under the Levels tab, click the speaker icon to mute your microphone (or drag the volume to the lowest level). On a Mac, go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and move the Input Volume slider to its lowest level.

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