How to Turn on a Laptop Without the Power Button

Turn on your computer with the internet or your keyboard

What to Know

  • Use Wake-on-LAN to start your computer over the internet. Once set up, use an app like TeamViewer to turn on your computer.
  • You can program a key on some keyboards to act as the Power key if your Power button is in an inconvenient spot or doesn't work.
  • In the BIOS of many laptops, you can find an option to set a Power key on your keyboard to use to turn on your computer.

This article explains how to turn on your laptop without using the power button.

There are several ways to turn on a laptop without the power button, and the following aren't the only options; they are the most straightforward and will suit most users the best.

How to Turn on a Laptop Using the Internet

In modern computers, Wake-on-LAN is a fairly common feature. This technology enables you to shut off your computer and use the internet to signal to your powered-off computer that it's time to turn on again.

Depending on your setup, enabling Wake-on-LAN will take different steps, but you can turn it on whether you've got a Mac or a Windows PC. Once it's set up, you'll have your choice of third-party applications to use to send the signal to turn your computer on.

Once Wake-on-LAN is enabled, use an app like TeamViewer, which supports various devices and operating systems, to quickly and easily turn on your laptop without using the power button.

While a common feature, you will have to make sure your laptop supports Wake-on-LAN. If searching online doesn't easily answer your question, load into your BIOS and see if there's a Wake-on-LAN option.

How to Turn on a Laptop With a Keyboard

Many laptops can actually be turned on by pressing a key on the keyboard. This won't be toggled on by default, but if your laptop supports it, you'll be able to toggle it on the BIOS.

  1. Turn your computer off, and then boot it back up and enter the BIOS.

  2. Every BIOS will be structured differently, so you'll have to do some digging around the menus. You're looking for a 'Power On By Keyboard' style of setting housed within a 'Power Management section.

    If you can't find anything like this, you're likely out of luck as your laptop doesn't support this feature. However, it's best to search online to verify your computer doesn't support the feature because it may be possible it's simply hard to find or was added in a BIOS update.

  3. Once located, you'll want to turn on your 'Power On By Keyboard' option. Some laptops will allow you to choose any key you like to use to power up your computer, and some might offer you a few select keys. Make sure you know what key you'll be using to turn on your laptop.

  4. When finished, save your settings, and exit the BIOS. Turn off your laptop, and test your new feature by turning it on with your newly selected power-on key.

  • How can I turn on a Dell laptop without using the power button?

    In addition to one of the above methods, you can set up your Dell laptop to power on when the lid opens if your model supports it. Enter BIOS and look for Power on Lid Open and move the toggle to the on position. Select Apply or Apply Changes > OK > Exit

  • How do I turn on my Mac laptop without the power button?

    If your MacBook Pro came configured to auto-boot, it will turn on when you open the lid or plug it in to charge it. If your model has a Touch Bar, the Touch ID space on the far right end of this area acts as the power button. Press it to turn your MacBook on or off.

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