How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on an HP Laptop

The keyboard backlight key is typically in the row of F keys

What to Know

  • Press the keyboard backlight key—it's typically in the row of F keys.
  • You can press it again to turn the backlighting off.
  • On some HP laptops, you may have to press the Function (FN) key first.

This guide will explain how to turn on the keyboard backlighting on an HP laptop. It may vary slightly for some, particularly older models, but most HP laptops use the same method and have the key in the same place.

How to Turn on Keyboard Backlighting on HP Laptops

HP has made the process of turning on its keyboard backlighting extremely easy. Most modern HP laptops only require that you press a single key to toggle the keyboard lighting on and off.

  1. Turn your HP laptop on using its power button.

  2. Locate the keyboard backlighting key on your keyboard. It will be located in the row of Function F keys along the top of the keyboard and looks like three squares with three lines flashing out from the left-hand square.

    Keyboard backlighting key highlighted on an HP Spectre x360 13.
  3. Press it. The keyboard lighting should then turn on. You can toggle it off again by pressing the same key.

    Keyboard backlighting key on an HP Spectre x360 13

Some models may require that you press the FN key at the same time. It's typically located in the bottom row of the keyboard, often between the left-hand Ctrl and Windows keys.

Using the Luminance Keys

You can adjust the brightness of your keyboard backlighting using the separate luminance keys. They are also located in the top row of FN keys and are denoted by large and smaller flashing light symbols.

If you followed these steps and your backlighting doesn't turn on or only turns on for a short period before turning off again, there are some fixes you can try.

  • Confirm that your laptop has keyboard backlighting on the HP's support website or in your laptop manual.
  • Access your HP laptop's BIOS and look for a setting called Action Keys. Make sure it's enabled.
  • In your HP laptop's BIOS, navigate to Advanced > Built-in Device Options and look for Backlit keyboard timeout. Set it to however long you want to enable backlighting.

Do HP Laptops Have Light Up Keyboards?

Many HP laptops have backlit keyboards, some just a single color, others with what's known as RGB lighting, that can be customized to show different colors. It depends on your laptop model.

How Do I Turn on The Keyboard Light on My HP Laptops In Windows 10?

Although most HP laptops run Windows 10, it doesn't matter what operating system your HP laptop has. You can turn on the keyboard light using the dedicated keyboard lighting key, as in the instructions above.

How Do I Make My Laptop Keyboard Light Up?

HP laptops include a dedicated key to switch the keyboard lighting on and off and separate ones to adjust the brightness. Some laptops have a similar command key, while others have dedicated applications to enable and adjust the lighting. It depends on your laptop's make and model.

  • How do I turn on keyboard lighting on my HP OMEN laptop?

    Use the F5 or FN+F5 combination to turn on your keyboard's backlighting. Customize lighting intensity, zones, and animations from the OMEN Command Center Lighting > Keyboard.

  • How do I turn on the keyboard light on HP Pavilion laptops?

    Some HP Pavilion laptops lack backlighting altogether. If you’ve confirmed that your model has this feature, try the F5 key even if it’s blank. Alternatively, your model may use a different key such as F4, F9, or F11 alone or in combination with the FN key.

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