How to Use Hulu Subtitles

How to turn subtitles on and off on Hulu

What to Know

  • On the web or in the app: Start a movie or show, and then click or tap the Settings gear and select Subtitles > the language you want.
  • On other devices: During playback, either swipe down or press Up on your remote > Settings > Captions & Subtitles (or just Subtitles).
  • Use the same menus to turn off captions and subtitles.

If you're hard of hearing—or just in a noisy environment without headphones handy—you can turn on closed captions or subtitles while you watch movies and TV shows on Hulu. Here's how to do it on the web, in the mobile app, and on other streaming devices.

Comedy Central's "Over the Garden Wall" with captions on

Comedy Central

How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

No matter which device you use to watch Hulu, the subtitle controls will be in a menu called either Captions & Subtitles or Subtitles. How you access that menu, however, will depend on both the platform and app you use to access Hulu.

On the Hulu website, follow these steps:

  1. Start playing a movie or TV show on Hulu.

  2. Select the Settings gear in the lower-right corner of the window.

    The Settings gear on the Hulu website
  3. Click the arrow on the right side of the menu.

    The arrow in the settings menu on the Hulu website
  4. Under the Subtitles menu, click the language you want.

    A subtitles option on the Hulu website
  5. Click the Settings link in this menu to set the size, color, and font of the subtitles.

    The Settings link for subtitles on Hulu

How Do You Get Subtitles in the Hulu App?

If you're watching Hulu using the app for iOS or Android, follow these instructions to turn on captions. They're similar to the directions for the website, but some items are in different places.

  1. While watching a program in the Hulu app, tap the screen to bring up the playback controls.

  2. Select the Settings gear.

    The Settings gear in the Hulu app for iOS
  3. Tap the switch next to Subtitles to turn it on.

    The Subtitles switch in the Hulu app for iOS
  4. Choose a language below the switch if multiple options are available.

    The Language setting for subtitles in the Hulu iOS app

How Do You Get Subtitles for Hulu on Streaming Devices?

Some devices, like the 4th-generation Apple TV and later, have a specific, system-wide process to turn on closed captions regardless of the app. Otherwise, you'll follow these steps to turn on Hulu on gaming consoles, Chromecasts, Amazon Echos, and others.

These are general instructions, and the actual steps you follow may differ between models of hardware.

  1. Press Up on your remote (or swipe down, if your remote has a touchpad).

  2. Press/swipe again to reach the Settings menu.

  3. Navigate to Captions & Subtitles.

    This menu may be called Subtitles on some devices.

  4. Select On to turn on subtitles, and select a language if multiple options are available.

How Do You Get Subtitles for Hulu on Older Devices?

Some older devices don't use the most recent version of Hulu. You can tell which version of Hulu you have by checking the options available to you from the home screen. If you're using the new one, the shows and movies you identify to watch later will appear on a tab called My Stuff. In the "classic" version, you'll see a Watchlist heading.

Most newer devices, like the 4th-generation Apple TV and later, will use the more recent version (see above), and you'll follow the directions above. Follow these instructions to turn on subtitles in the classic Hulu app:

The following companies and hardware may still use the classic Hulu app:

  • Apple: 3rd-generation Apple TV.
  • LG: certain TVs and Blu-ray players.
  • Roku: some base and Stick models.
  • Samsung: select TVs and Blu-ray players.
  • Sony: some TVs and Blu-ray players.
  • TiVo: DVRs.
  • Vizio: certain TVs.
  1. Press Up on your remote to show the playback controls.

  2. Press Up again to reveal more settings.

  3. Select Captions.

  4. Choose an available language.

How Do You Turn Subtitles Off on Hulu?

To turn off subtitles once you've switched them on, access the Captions & Subtitles or Subtitles menu depending on which device you're using:

  • On the website or in the app: Select the Settings gear.
  • In other devices: Either swipe down or press Up on your remote or controller to reach the Settings menu. Then, select Captions & Subtitles or Subtitles.

Once you've reached the menu, choose Off.

Are Subtitles Available on Hulu in Other Languages?

Currently, your only options for subtitles on Hulu are English and Spanish, and not every TV show or movie will have both options. The available languages will appear in the Subtitles menu when you open it using the instructions above.

  • How do you fix Hulu audio sync?

    Audio falling out of sync with the video is a common problem. It's so common that Hulu has a support page with helpful tips you can take advantage of if you experience this issue. Luckily, this is usually a temporary glitch.

  • How do you change the audio language on Hulu?

    When watching a video, select the gear icon to access playback controls. From here, if the video you're watching supports multiple languages you can select whichever language you prefer.

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