How to Turn On and Turn Off Disney Plus Subtitles

Disney+ has subtitles and captions on all of its apps

What to Know

  • Mobile, web: Begin streaming content > tap video once. Tap white square icon in upper-right corner.
  • Tap the subtitle language you want to appear. To exit, tap Back arrow in top-left corner.
  • Instructions will vary if you're using streaming accessories like Apple TV or Roku.

This article explains how to turn on or off subtitles in the Disney+ streaming service. The following instructions apply to the Disney+ app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the web, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

How to Get Subtitles on Disney Plus

The process for turning Disney+ subtitles on is very similar across the numerous supported platforms but there are some subtle differences.

Mobile Apps and Web

If you’re using the Android or iOS Disney+ apps or are watching in a web browser, the steps for turning on subtitles or closed captions are the same.

  1. Start playing a Disney+ movie or TV episode as you usually would.

    Disney+ app on the web.
  2. Tap the video once to bring up a variety of options and information.

    If you’re watching on a computer, you can also move your mouse cursor over the playing video to activate the Disney+ menu options.

  3. Tap the white square icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A list of audio and subtitle options should appear.

    Disney Plus app in a web browser.
  4. Tap the subtitle language that you want to appear.

    Disney Plus app subtitle settings.
  5. If you’re watching Disney+ via a web browser, you can also tap the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner to change the size, color, and font of the Disney+ subtitles.

    Disney Plus app subtitle settings.
  6. When you’re ready, tap the Back arrow in the top-left corner.

    Disney Plus web app subtitle options.


If you’re using Chromecast to watch Disney+ on your TV, you’ll need to manage the subtitle settings in the app or web browser using the steps above.

Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

To bring up the subtitle options in the Disney+ app on an Xbox One console or a PlayStation 4, all you need to do is tap Up on the controller’s D-pad while a film or episode is playing.

The subtitle options should appear across the top of the screen which you can scroll horizontally to select the language you want.

Disney Plus app on Xbox One console.

Amazon Fire TV

Disney+’s subtitle settings for the Amazon Fire TV app can be summoned via the same method used for video game consoles. Simply tap up on your remote control to bring up the subtitles menu and then select your preferred language.

Apple TV

The Disney+ subtitle menu can be activated by either swiping down on your Apple TV remote or by performing a long press on the Center button.


While watching something on Disney+, press the * button on your Roku remote. This will bring up the subtitle language options for you to choose from.

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Disney Plus

Subtitles can be turned off in the Disney+ apps by repeating the above steps to bring up the subtitle menu on your preferred device and selecting Off.

The subtitle settings can be changed in the Disney+ app as many times as you want. No language change in the settings is permanent.

What Languages Are Available in Disney Plus Captions?

The subtitle languages available on Disney+ will vary greatly from show to show and movie to movie. Newer productions tend to have a wider variety of languages to choose from than older ones but there will always be exceptions.

The availability of closed captions will also vary.

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