How to Turn Off Smart Data Mode on iPhone 13

Here's how to turn off low data mode on iPhone 13

What to Know

  • Smart Data mode can be turned on or off from the Settings app.
  • Settings Cellular Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data.
  • To turn Smart Data on, select Auto. To turn it off, select 5G On or LTE.

This article explains how to turn off Smart Data mode on iPhone 13.

How Do I Turn Off Smart Data Mode on My iPhone 13?

Smart Data mode on iPhone 13 is turned on or off by just a couple of taps in the Settings app; however, there isn't a toggle for a specific feature named 'Smart Data' in Settings.

Smart Data mode automatically switches your phone from using a 5G connection to an LTE connection to conserve battery life. So, while your iPhone is in sleep mode, for example, Smart Data might connect you to LTE instead of 5G. If battery life isn't a concern, keep Smart Data off. If it is a concern, try turning it on.

Within the Cellular Data Options section in the Settings app, you can choose between using 5G, LTE, or 5G Auto. Selecting 5G Auto turns on Smart Data mode, while any other selection turns it off.

  1. Open up Settings on your iPhone 13.

  2. Tap Cellular to open the Cellular menu.

    iPhone 13 settings
  3. Select the second option: Cellular Data Options.

    iPhone 13 cellular data options
  4. Open Voice & Data.

    Next to the Voice & Data section name will be your current Smart Data setting. If it reads 5G Auto, then Smart Data is on. If it reads 5G On or LTE, Smart Data is off.

  5. See if 5G Auto has a blue checkmark next to it. If so, Smart Data is on. Tap either 5G On or LTE to turn off Smart Data.

    While selecting any option other than 5G Auto will turn Smart Data off, selecting 5G On will mean your phone will always use 5G whenever possible, and selecting LTE will mean your phone will always use LTE whenever possible.

Can You Manually Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone 13?

By following the above steps, you can manually toggle Smart Data mode, sometimes referred to as Low Data mode, either on or off, as well as choose what cellular data technology you want to use, whether it's 5G, LTE, or a mixture of the two.

Generally speaking, there's no need to keep changing this setting. However, if you live in an area without great 5G coverage at the moment, for example, you may want to turn on Smart Data mode or exclusively use LTE and not think about the setting again.

However, if you don't have reliable Wi-Fi where you live and do have a decent 5G connection, you might want to leave Smart Data on or opt always to use 5G for the best connection possible.

For most people, leaving Smart Data on will be the best of both worlds: fast 5G speeds when you need them and a slower (but still fast) LTE connection when you could otherwise be conserving your battery.

  • How do I turn off low data mode on iPhone?

    Low data mode was a new feature with iOS 13. To turn Low Data Mode off for cellular data, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and swipe Low Data Mode to Off. To turn off Low Data Mode for a Wi-Fi network, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the network name, and swipe Low Data Mode to Off.

  • How do I turn off silent mode on iPhone?

    To unsilence calls on an iPhone, press the switch on the side of your phone or go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Then, go to Ringer and Alerts and move the slider from silent to the desired volume level.

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