How to Turn Off Samsung S21

What to do when the power button isn't a power button

What to Know

  • There are three ways to power off a Samsung phone: the first is to ask Bixby to do it.
  • Swipe down twice to access the notification shade, then tap the power button in the upper right corner of the shade.
  • Press and hold the power and volume down buttons on the side of the phone for a few seconds.

Typically, Samsung would locate the power button right side of the phone below the volume rocker. That button was once used to power down the phone, but now it has different functions. When pressed a single time, the button puts the phone to sleep, which means the screen turns off, but the phone is still on. A long press of the power button (which was the sole action used to power off the device) now summons Bixby, Samsung's smart assistant. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to turn off the phone. Indeed, Samsung devised three ways to shut down the device.

How to Turn Off Samsung S21 From the Notification Shade

The first method is found in the notification shade.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to get the notification shade.

  2. Swipe down a second time so the shade takes up the whole screen.

  3. Tap the Power button in the upper right corner.

  4. Tap Power off (or Restart, depending on what you're trying to do).

    Android quick settings and power buttons on Samsung phone

How to Turn Off Samsung S21 With the Power Button and Volume Down

You can still use the power button to turn off the phone. If you long-press the power and volume down button, you'll get a menu that will allow you to turn off the phone. Tap Power off (or Restart, depending on what you want to do).

A single press of both the power and volume down buttons takes a screenshot. 

How to Turn Off Samsung S21 By Asking Bixby

Another alternative for powering off your phone is to press and hold the power button to summon Bixby. While pressing the power button, after the Bixby animation appears at the bottom of the phone, just say "Turn off my phone" then release the button. You'll get a prompt asking you to Power off or Restart. Press the appropriate button. 

How to Turn Off Samsung S21 if the Phone is Frozen

Sometimes your phone can freeze and turn non-responsive. If that happens, all is not lost. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for 15 seconds. Doing so will force the phone to restart and any issues should then be cleared up.

Samsung's power button now carries a lot of functions; arguably "power button" is a bit of a misnomer these days. Given the recent changes to the interface, this can cause some confusion, but any of these three methods will allow you to power your phone off.

  • How do I turn off 5G on my Samsung S21?

    Go to Settings Connections Mobile Networks > Network Mode and choose an option other than 5G (LTE/3G/2G, etc.) To turn off your mobile data, swipe down and tap Mobile data in the quick settings to disable it.

  • How do I reset my Samsung Galaxy S21?

    To reset your Samsung device to factory settings, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset. Tap Delete All when prompted, then select Wipe data/factory reset on the Android Recovery screen. You will lose any data saved on your phone.

  • How do I take a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy S21?

    To take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy S21, press Power+Volume Down or swipe your palm across the screen. You can also ask your digital assistant to take a screenshot.

  • What is the difference between the Galaxy Samsung S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra?

    The Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch screen, the S21 Plus has a 6.7-inch screen, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen. The original S21 and the S21 Plus are identical except for the screen and battery sizes. The S21 Ultra has a better camera, more RAM, and more internal storage space.

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