How to Turn Off Restricted Mode on YouTube

Are all comments hidden? You might need to do this

What to Know

  • Browser: Select your profile image and then Restricted Mode: On to find the disable option.
  • App: Toggle it off through your profile image, then Settings > General (Android) or just Settings (iOS).
  • Disabling Restricted Mode applies only to the device on which you’ve edited the setting.

This article describes how to turn off YouTube's Restricted Mode on a computer, phone, or tablet, something you might need to do if comments are hidden or if you can't view some videos. The instructions apply to desktop users on any web browser and mobile users on the official YouTube app.

Disable Restricted Mode on

  1. From YouTube's website, select your profile picture at the top right.

    If you’re not logged in, you can still disable Restricted Mode, but choose the three-dotted menu next to the Sign In button instead.

  2. Select Restricted Mode: On from the bottom of the menu.

    YouTube's menu.
  3. Select the button next to ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE so that it turns from blue to gray. YouTube will refresh automatically to show that the settings have changed.

    YouTube Restricted Mode toggle from the YouTube website.

Disable Restricted Mode From the App

  1. Tap your profile picture from the top right, or the faceless icon if you're not logged in.

  2. On Android, go to Settings > General. On iOS, go to Settings.

  3. Select the button next to Restricted Mode to disable it (it’ll turn gray).

    YouTube Android app settings,

If you're using YouTube through a mobile browser, the steps are really similar, but after opening the settings, expand the Account section to see the toggle.

Restricted Mode Won't Turn Off?

You'll know Restricted Mode is still enabled if you're getting a black screen with this message when trying to view videos:

This video is unavailable with Restricted Mode enabled.

Or this one in the comments section:

Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video.

In most cases, and for most people, disabling should work by following the steps above. If those directions don't seem to turn it off, your device might be controlled by someone else, in which case you'll need their permission first.

One situation is if your device is part of Family Link. If a parent is controlling this feature, then child accounts can't disable it. Your only option is to request that the parent account turn off Restricted Mode for you.

The same scenario is possible in a business environment. School and library admins, for example, can control Restricted Mode at a network-wide level, leaving you with little to no way of bypassing it other than reaching out to the administrators.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you want Restricted Mode off across all your platforms—every phone, tablet, and computer you use—and you're not using Google Family Link, you'll need to go into each of them individually and toggle it off. For example, disabling Restricted Mode on your phone doesn't affect your computer and vice versa.

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