How to Turn Off Popular Highlights on Kindle

Disabling popular highlights is the same process across e-readers and the app

What to Know

  • On a Kindle: Open book, tap top middle of screen > tap Aa and disable the Popular Highlights toggle.
  • In the Kindle app: Open book, tap anywhere on page > tap Aa and disable the Popular Highlights toggle.

This article explains how to turn off popular highlights on Kindle, including how to turn off popular highlights on Kindle devices and the Kindle app for Android and iOS.

This process has to be performed from within the formatting settings of a book with popular highlights, not the general Kindle settings menu. Despite the way you disable the feature, it’s a global setting which will disable the feature for all of your books on that particular Kindle.

How to Turn Off Popular Highlights on Your Kindle

If you find Popular Highlights annoying or distracting, you can turn it off.

If you have more than one Kindle, you need to perform this change on each individual device. The setting applies to all of your books, but it doesn’t apply across devices.

Here’s how to disable popular highlights on a Kindle:

  1. In an open book on a Kindle, tap the top middle of the screen.

    A tap at the center top of the Kindle screen
  2. Tap Aa.

    Aa highlighted in Kindle options
  3. Scroll down, and tap the Popular Highlights toggle.

    Popular Highlights toggle highlighted on Kindle
  4. When the toggle is off, popular highlights is disabled.

    Popular Highlights disabled on a Kindle

Can You Turn Off Popular Highlights in the Kindle App?

The Kindle app also allows you to turn off popular highlights, and it works a lot like disabling popular highlights on a Kindle device.

Here’s how to disable popular highlights on the Kindle app:

  1. Tap a book in your library or home screen of the Kindle app to open it.

  2. Tap anywhere on the page.

  3. Tap Aa.

    The Kindle app with a book opened and Aa highlighted
  4. Drag the menu drawer up, and scroll further up if necessary. Tap More.

  5. Tap the Popular Highlights toggle to turn it off.

  6. Popular highlights are now disabled for the books you read in the Kindle app on this device.

    Kindle app showing Popular HIghlights toggle switch`

What Are Kindle Popular Highlights?

Kindle has an option where you can highlight sections of text you want to be able to find later. When you use this feature, the Kindle lets Amazon know what text you highlighted. If enough users highlight the same block of text, it will be automatically highlighted for everyone who has the popular highlights setting enabled.

The point of popular highlights is to use crowdsourced data to automatically identify important sections of text in books. These sections may be interesting, informative, important, or have evoked some other emotion or thought which caused a lot of people to highlight the exact same thing. It can be useful by drawing your eye to important sections of text, but it can also be annoying or distracting if you don’t care what other people are highlighting.

  • How do I access my Kindle highlights?

    To see parts of a book that you've highlighted in a book you're reading, first tap near the top of the screen to open the toolbar. Then, tap Go-To and select the Notes tab. In the Kindle iOS app, tap the screen and select the icon shaped like a notebook. On an Android device, tap the screen, and then go to More > Notebook. You can also access your notebook in a web browser.

  • How do I remove highlights in Kindle books?

    You can delete highlights you've made in your Kindle notebook. On the device, select Go-To and tap the Notes tab. In iOS, select the Notebook icon after tapping the screen; on Android, go to More > Notebook. Each of your highlights will have a Delete option below it; tap it to remove the highlight.

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