How to Turn Off Package Notifications on Alexa

How to keep Alexa from spoiling holiday, birthday, and other surprise deliveries

What to Know

  • Alexa mobile app: More > Settings > Notifications. Choose Amazon Shopping and turn off For items in delivery updates.
  • Amazon website: Menu under name > Account > Communication and Content > Alexa shopping notifications. Toggle For items in delivery updates.

This article explains how to turn off shopping- and package-related notifications in the Alexa app or Amazon website to prevent the digital assistant from ruining a surprise.

How to Know You Have Notifications

Your Amazon Echo will display a yellow light or on-screen banner when you have shopping or package notifications.

To receive those notifications, say “Alexa, what are my notifications” or “Alexa, do I have notifications?” Alexa will then alert you to deliveries, returns, updates, or other alerts you’ve set up.

Turn Off Package Notifications in the Alexa App

Currently, you cannot simply ask Alexa to adjust your package notifications. However, you can easily change these settings in the Alexa app on Android or iPhone.

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.

  2. Tap the More tab and choose Settings.

  3. Pick Notifications and select Amazon Shopping.

    Settings, Notifications, and Alexa Shopping in Alexa app
  4. Below Say or show item titles, turn off the toggle labeled For items in delivery updates.

    If you’re concerned about gifts you’re returning or exchanging, you can also turn off the For items in return updates toggle.

  5. Next, be sure the last toggle in the section is turned off for Including items in your shopping cart marked as gifts, or those that might be gifts during major holidays.

  6. You’ll notice a few other notifications related to your deliveries and orders you can turn off if you like.

    Below Delivery Notifications, you can turn off alerts for items Out for delivery and those Delivered. You can turn off notifications for Returns and Order Updates in the subsequent two sections.

    Off toggle and Amazon Shopping Delivery Notifications in Alexa app

These additional Alexa notifications should not speak or show product titles once you turn off the other toggles in Steps 4 and 5. However, if you don’t want anyone in the household to know about deliveries or returns, you might consider turning these off too.

Turn Off Package Notifications on the Amazon Website

If you don’t have your mobile device handy, you can adjust your package notifications on the Amazon website.

  1. Visit and sign into in your browser.

  2. Click the Accounts & Lists drop-down list on the top right below your name and choose Account.

  3. Scroll down to the Communication and content box and select Alexa shopping notifications.

    Alexa shopping notifications on Amazon
  4. Below Say or show item titles, turn off the toggle labeled For items in delivery updates and optionally the toggle labeled For items in return updates toggle.

  5. Confirm the toggle for Including items in your shopping cart marked as gifts, or those that might be gifts during major holidays is turned off.

    Off toggle below Say or Show Item Titles on Amazon
  6. Like in the Alexa mobile app, you can turn off the additional notifications for deliveries, returns, and order updates on the Amazon website if you like. 

    Settings for Delivery Notifications, Returns, and Order Updates

Your Amazon Echo is a fantastic tool for making shopping quick and easy, especially with Alexa Voice Shopping. But don’t forget when that special occasion rolls around, an innocent order or delivery notification could spoil your surprise gift.

  • Why did Alexa give me someone else's package notification?

    If you're part of an Amazon household, you might receive notifications about other people's packages. Other household members may also get your notifications. Turning off notifications avoids this problem.

  • Can I drop in on Alexa without a notification?

    No. When you use the Alexa Drop-in feature, there will always be a notification sound. The notification can't be disabled, but you can disable Drop-in on your device.

  • How do I use Alexa's Do Not Disturb Mode?

    To put Alexa into Do Not Disturb Mode, open the Alexa app and select More > Settings > Device Settings. Choose a device, then select Do Not Disturb. You need to activate it on each device separately.

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